Published on June 24, 2020 (Updated on June 24, 2020)


Landscapes is a resource pack that modifies the appearances of various natural, agricultural, and architectural blocks to follow a more differentiating design language! All of the changes made by this pack are made by changing what textures blocks use, what colors are applied to them, and whether their textures should rotate. This means this pack can be used in conjunction with any other resource packs you wish!

  • Support for Bedrock Edition
  • Designed to work in conjunction with all resource packs

You can share this resource pack, but please refer others to my website or MCPEDL only.


  • Landscapes-v1.16.0-r-1_1592937012.mcpack

Supported Minecraft versions

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그림자 군주 May 17, 2021 at 3:39 am
So simple yet its cool
Could you make a version without grass/variants sides?
without sides of grass and variants*
Can you make the top and bottom side of the striped wood and hyphae a square rather than two lines? Also make the all the normal sandstone (also red) match the bottom texture to make it more bumpy? By the way, good pack
Some skyboxes don't work (desert, tundra) and others don't even look like the ones in the image here (savannah). It's a bug?
When i said that don't work, i mean that some skyboxes or fog don't change the color like the images.
Cool textures but maybe you could also add a reflections of the moon and sun to a water ... maybe a vanilla style not like a realistic but simply a just a pixel like reflections and also a detailed clouds :)
Best pack I have come across so far, my favourite part is how the water is more transparent and changes colour depending on the biome, it really does make the game look amazing. I also like how the fences have a stripped log texture i think it looks a lot nicer than the standard wooden plank look. One thing I would suggest is make a separate pack which includes the same water as the landscape pack for people who want to use a nicer looking water pack separately.
Can You Put Two Pictures Side By Side Please? One With The Textures On, And One Without It, I Can't See The Changes
Very cool Texture Pack, you should change the fog color of the bamboo jungle into lime
It says that it has an error?
What kind of error? Something that happened when you tried to download the pack?
Omg this is so cool!
Quite Good for simple texture
Thanks! It's definitely meant to make subtle but worthwhile changes to the vanilla experience ?
Could you make a seasons Resource pack? Also, great pack!
I have thought about making something like that before, but I haven't been able to make it look very good the times I've tried. If I do make a good-looking seasons-based theme, I'll add it to this resource pack :)

Also, glad you like it!