Published on August 08, 2018 (Updated on January 03, 2021)

Simple Sides

Simple Sides is a resource pack that streamlines the side textures of Grass, Snowy Grass, Grass Path, Podzol, Mycelium, Crimson Nylium, and Warped Nylium!

  • Support for Bedrock Edition
  • Support for Java Edition
  • Designed to work in conjunction with all resource packs

You can share this resource pack, but please refer others to this MCPEDL post, or the official Simple Sides GitHub Repository only.

Feel free to include Simple Sides in your own resource pack! My only requests are for a mention of my username, "Offroaders123", and a link back to either this MCPEDL post, my MCPEDL profile, the official Simple Sides GitHub Repository, or my GitHub profile. Thanks!

Found a bug? Have a feature suggestion? Feel free to contact me by email, or submit a pull request to the official Simple Sides GitHub Repository!

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  • Updated pack manifests for Bedrock and Java to the latest format versions. 
  • Updated pack manifest author section to show my GitHub profile instead of my Google Site, The Melon Slice, which I will be taking down in the nearby future.


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This comes with Cleos shader be when u apply the texture pack Cleos shader be is curse of bindings on
raynierhsjnxnsggdjsmxmdcnbvndkrkdjfkdkdjdjsjsjsns August 21, 2021 at 5:03 am
this is cool pack its also support all texture pack
keep this up😁
This was an amazing texture pack and I loved it when I used it. (Rn im using bedrock tweaks because then I only need 1 texture pack for every thing I wanted) Prompts for you because you did amazingly with this pack! It also worked with another pack I used (Lush Grass) and it added to the beauty of the world. Keep Working Hard!
This is great work any texture pack but pls remove full crimson and warped nylium
great texture pack! it works i love the look of the grass blocks💚
I Bet This Is Cool But It Doesn’t Work For Me On Mobile
Thanks to you I was able to avoid it
i really like this pack, but i am trying to work on my own (for windows 10) and want to ask how do you change the grass and snow grass textures? if their is any advice you could give please let me know?
i really like this pack, but i am trying to work on my own (for windows 10) and want to ask how do you change the grass and snow grass textures?
If you still would like help working on your resource pack, feel free to send me an email and I can help you out there 👍
nice, except some of the grass sides colors are off...
is a fix possible for a future update?
I noticed this a while ago too, sadly it's not something that resource packs can change yet 😕
Can you make like a custom breaking like where theres lines on the edges of the blocks and more custom breaking plz
If anyone found my old project Linear Logic useful/helpful, you will definitely find this project by ozelot379 amazing! I certainly did ?

Link to his Java to Bedrock Resource Pack Converter Web App:

It is done all online through his website using just web technologies!
What happened to the linear logics pack? Its missing.
I decided to discontinue Linear Logic as it became a project that I wasn't looking forward to working on anymore. Considering I work on my resource packs for fun, I didn't see a reason to keep it around anymore because it was becoming less and less interesting/useful. But with the ends of projects, new ones begin to form as well!
Expect new releases coming soon... ?