Published on August 06, 2018 (Updated on June 10, 2022)

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a resource pack that adds a new dark appearance to the vanilla user interface!

  • Supports both Bedrock and Java Editions
  • Designed to work in conjunction with vanilla textures

Want to use Dark Mode in your own project? No problem! Everything is open source on GitHub.

It would be kind of you to mention my username (Offroaders123) in your project when using parts of Dark Mode, but I'm not going chase after you if you don't. On the other hand, please don't plainly copy my work for your own benefit. Nobody likes that!

Found a bug, or have a new idea for Dark Mode? Feel free to send me an email or submit an Issue or Pull Request over on GitHub!

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  • Added all legacy versions of Dark Mode I could find from online into the Git repository, so now they are safe from being lost again.
  • Added the new panorama textures for the Wild Update!
  • Added support for the new Touch Buttons on mobile.
  • Added the new Emote Wheel Updated textures.
  • Added the Header Bar 2, various Radiobox, and Button Border Light Bottom Right textures.
  • Took updated in-game screenshots for Bedrock.


  • Updated the start menu title texture to match the most recent version in the game.
  • Reverted the inventory Empty Armor Slot textures back to their completely vanilla appearance, because I don't think my custom versions looked vanilla enough.
  • I recently discovered a great site that has all of the documentation about everything Minecraft Bedrock! It's at, and it's super thorough.
  • Thanks to their documentation about the Bedrock UI stack, I learned that there's actually a way to use inheritance with the Bedrock UI code, and it's great!
  • Updated the Global Variables style properties to include a few missing entries from more recent releases.
  • Shrunk pretty much all of the code for ui_common.json down, now that I properly know how the inheritance system works. This part of the Bedrock Wiki article helped out A TON!
  • Simplified more of the Chest Screen code! It was already much tidier than the vanilla code because my changes from a while ago, but it could still use a few edits here and there.
  • Updated the names for the Loading Background Textures, just to make things a little more organized.
  • Removed additional default UI code property values, since they are unedited by Dark Mode.
  • Formatted a few parts of the Furnace Screen, and added a factory entry for locked item notifications.
  • Updated the pack manifest to the latest version.
  • Rewrote parts of my custom Mob Effect Screen to inherit from vanilla components.
  • Added gamepad tooltip support (to the Mob Effect Screen). Pretty stoked I was able to add that, it's not even available in the vanilla screen, haha! :)
  • Edit Box and Radio Button textures now have hover outlines.
  • Reduced the opacity for the original Emote Wheel screen backgrounds.
  • Re-added the Recipe Back texture, as it was customized to be invisible before to make the inventory look more like Java Edition.
  • Bedrock and Java will now be developed in their own separate Git branches, rather than everything being located inside folders on the main branch.
  • Redid the README for the pack to better explain the terms of use for others when using parts from the project, and just made things nicer and more up to date overall!


  • Finally got around to addressing the HUD item text issue. It wasn't showing up at all before, because my custom UI code had aged against the more-recent releases of the game, so it prevented the HUD item text from showing up at all (very annoying). Sorry it took so long!
  • Fixed contrast issues for a large amount textures. When I first started Dark Mode, I hadn't learned about contrast rules for colors, so I'm going back and fixing ones that aren't the best looking in regard to that. These changes make things easier to see and read as well, since each element should be easier to tell apart from each other, one of the issues that happens when colors have low contrast.
  • Removed slight hues from a few textures that shouldn't have any tinting.


  • Removed the hide Debug content feature, as it was causing Debug GUI errors to pop up on the screen, and it isn't necessarily a dark theme related feature anyways.
  • Removed my own custom icons for the HUD. I still like them, but I think they might not be vanilla-enough, since this pack is meant to compliment the vanilla game itself.
  • Decided to revert the custom coordinate syntax that I added to match Java Edition.


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this is awesome
I love this mod
can you please update it to 1.20
Update to 1.20!!
Can I Use This In PVP Pack Plzzzzzzzzz I Will Credit You In Credits
FindKnight | YouTube RANK ✔ March 20, 2023 at 9:01 pm
Ay I'm working on a map called "The Burrowing Dungeon" and I use your texture pack Dark Mode on the map! Can I please get permission so I can submit my map!
Its the best but the mob effect screen in not functioning properly.
There are some green black boxes on the top left screen
I love dark mode and now I can have it in Minecraft too, thanks for the wonderful work.
I'm loving this so much! Now my eyes will not burn anymore! :D
Love it no cap