Menu Buttons of Stone - v1.2.0

The buttons on Minecraft's menus look a lot like stone, so this pack makes them look even more like Stone by giving them Jappa's Stone texture. Comes with nine sub-packs to choose from!

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Bug Fixes:

  • The buttons on the desktop Title Screen now use their own, appropriately-sized textures instead of squashing and stretching the regular textures when using VDX: Old Days UI. (Added JSON, textures)
  • These same buttons no longer flicker a little when being hovered over for the first time in a session.
  • Subpacks with white text no longer use different shades of white depending on whether the button is hovered over or not when using VDX: Old Days UI. (Added JSON)
  • The colors for subpacks with gold text are now more accurate to Java Edition 1.14. (Added / edited JSON)

General Changes:

  • Renamed subpack "Gold Outline Only" to "Gold Outline and Gold Text".
  • Reordered subpacks. They are now always in order "highlight and outline, just outline, just highlight" from right to left.
  • Generic scroller now has a lit bevel to be more consistent with other UI elements when using VDX: Legacy Desktop UI. (Added texture, JSON)
  • VDX: 4JD UI by CrisXolt is now supported! (Added JSON, textures)
  • Added subpacks "Blue Highlight and Yellow Outline", "Yellow Outline and Yellow Text", and "Blue Highlight and Yellow Text (Console)".
  • VDX: Desktop UI v3.0 is now supported! However, due to technical issues, only the default subpack currently works when using v3.0. If possible, it is recommended to use VDX: Legacy Desktop UI v1.2.9 instead. We appologize for the inconvenience. (Added textures, JSON)
  • Updated pack description to reflect new compatibility.

Technical Changes:

  • Improved comments in _global_variables.json (slightly).
  • Made the folder names for most subpacks more descriptive.
  • Added variable "$cb_is_stone_menu_buttons": true.
  • The buttons on the Old Days UI desktop Title Screen now use texture sheets at directory "textures/cb_uiold/". (Added JSON)
  • Began work on pocket button textures overhaul (that will likely not be completed).
  • The lock on locked buttons on widets.png now turns gold (copied from an unused vanilla texture) when any subpack that turns text gold is enabled. (Edited textures)



  • MCPack (477.9 KB)
  • ZIP (477.9 KB)


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I saw a photo of a Java UI Legacy pack, that I don't think it's yours, plus the pack doesn't work
please actually read the post before commenting. you NEED to put this pack ABOVE VDX Legacy Desktop UI by CrisXolt. i am not trying to claim their pack as my own, all this one does is replace textures.

it will not work without VDX Legacy Desktop UI.
it doesn't even work
did you put it above VDX Legacy Desktop UI? i really cannot stress how necessary a step that is.
Y los links de descarga?