Published on June 22, 2019 (Updated on June 22, 2019)

Desert Village at Spawn Seed [1.11]

Start your fresh survival world with a village upon spawn! Sand Villager trades & houses, and structures that may include loot and resources needed and essential for your survival plays and journey.

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  • First release! Updated and added more deatail and information about nearby structures and loots.

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Theres a zombie spawner
I found a nether fortress with 2 blaze spawners, 1 skeleton spawner in the overworld, 1 zombie, 1 spider, a cave with diamonds, and more villages nearby. Also there is a mineshaft but it had nothing. Also there is an exposed fossil you can use for bone meal.
Can you give coordinates for each?
There is an exposed fossil at 42 (y?) 29