Diamond Slime Addon

Ever wanted a easy way to get good stuff, a way to prank your friends? Download diamond slime! Diamond slime adds diamond slime, they can be tamed and will trade items.

The diamond slime can be tamed with enchanted golden apples. 

once tamed it trades

  • Golden apple for enchanted golden apple
  • Apple for diamond horse armor
  • beef for beef (cooked)
  • water bucket for lava bucket

You can also put them in caves to play pranks on your friends when they see it they will go to it to mine it but be attacked.

The slime has a diamond like texture  its a amazing addon perfect for your minecraft world

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V1.01 changed description to be more detailed because you wanted it


1. download


3. put in world

4. enjoy


  • slime-v2-tynker-bfd6961a.mcaddon

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2.71 / 5 (7 votes)
I don’t want to be mean but this is kinda bad :(
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This is good.Because we can have tamed slime yo!
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Yeah the slime texture is bad doesnt even look remotely look like diamonds and trades r weird
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Did you make this on a computer? Btw I really like this good job!
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yes i did and thanks for positive feedback
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I like the idea thank you
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This is honestly really bad
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...forgot to log out buddy.
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I'm gonna be honest, this is stupid.
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