Disc Switches (Modern)

This pack retextures the 4 seeds to resemble the modern version of disc switches used on ships to control speed and various other things.

These are ideal for control panels, tuner boxes, and much more!

Invisible item frames: 

Each disc switch has 8 options to select. They can be used either as decoration or as an actual functional switch by placing a comparator facing out of the block the item frame is attached to. Different selections will output different signal strengths. NOTE: This only works when the item frame is placed on the side of a solid block. This pack has 4 disc switches:

  • On/Off Disc Switch (Left) - Can be used for an on/off switch. On range = signal strengths 2, 3, and 4, Off range = signal strengths 6, 7, and 8.
  • Speed Switch (Middle) - Can be used for controlling speeds. Forward = strengths 6, 7, and 8, Backwards = strengths 2, 3, and 4. AUX is signal strength 5, and can be used for special functions.
  • Tuner Switch (Right) - Has up to 7 different function options including P, RL, WC, MN, LM, PM, and CN. It is up to you to define each function.
  • Custom Disc Switch (Not Shown) - A blank disc switch.

This pack also adds a new texture to the side of the Purpur Pillar block which forms a 45° triangle that indicates which option on a disc switch has been selected.

The 3 disc switches on display.

The new texture of the Purpur Pillar block.

Different disc switches in use.

A control panel for a ship.

Another control panel using disc switches, this time for a server.


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Added the link to the invisible item frame pack and corrected the displayed ranges for Forward/Reverse for the Speed/Direction disc switch.


You may:

  • Modify this pack in your personal use (which is needed in order to utilize the provided custom disc switch)
  • Use this pack in maps and videos, just make sure to give credit!

You may NOT:

  • Modify this pack and distribute it as your own


  • DiscSwitch.mcpack (24.28 KB)

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