Published on June 02, 2021 (Updated on June 20, 2022)

Disciples of the Void, Volume I: Lorekeeper Update, Part II

The reborn disciples have been released, The original four came back, and erian is also running loose. can things can worse? oh yes they will. The void merchant accidentally got a hold of a manifest that was never supposed to be in the overworld! What does it contain? power? treasure? no, It contains a being trapped below the world since the rebirth of the disciples. You break it, you buy it. Or in this case, You set it free, you seal him back.

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Addon Update v2.2:


  • Addon is now updated to v1.19.0
  • Added a new Manifest
  • Added a new Weapon
  • Added a new Boss
  • Refined Deathblade's bobbing animation
  • Refined Erius's animations.
  • Cold ones give off more resistance and regeneration.
  • Nerfed Erius and the old disciples damage to cater towards the new damage reduction system in v1.19.0
  • There's more but I do a lot of tiny fixes so I forgor.

Addon Update v2.1:



- Added five new bosses.

- Added 18 new items.

- Added one new NPC.

- Massively increased the spawn rate weight of the voided zombies from 15 to 85. (Basically they’ll spawn as much as normal monsters)

- Osseous, Alatar, Brawneus, & Limbosis now spawn naturally in the overworld. This idea will be played with more in part II.

- Refined the original disciple’s textures.

- Added trade related items for each v2.0 Disciple.

Osseous, Alatar, Brawneus, & Limbosis are seperate beings from Fallen Alatar, Deathblade, Brawlatar, & Eribus.

- Probably more stuff I forgot about but it’s there.


Addon Update v2.0
- 1/21/22

- New download links to the v2.0 Update.
- The v1.0 update is still available to download. 
- Addon v2.0 Release Trailer Available.
- Rewrote the addon submission completely.
- Cracked End Crystals & Void Extract has been removed.
- Added "Voided Zombies". along with a new drop.
- Replaced the method of spawning the bosses the old way. you know spawn them with craftable "spawn eggs".
- All four mobs have revamped AIs, Weapon mechanics, and have been rebalanced. 
- All mobs have new Sounds, Animations, Models, and More.
- New Cover & addon art + new descriptions.
- "Brawlatar" has been renamed to "Brawneus".
- "Eribus" has been renamed to "Limbosis".
- "Deathblade" has been renamed to "Osseous".
- "Alatar" has been renamed to "Alatar".
- Weapons have been renamed. All of them
- I think that's it? is it? yeah.

Addon Version v1.0
- Did stuff right, go me.

Addon Version v1.0 Pre-Deny
- Did stuff wrong


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You should make a way to prevent them from spawning naturally in certain areas, because they seem to be able to spawn in any light level, and the bosses seem to spawn very often.
awesome mod!!! but whats your other contents
Yoo new DOTV update, love this addon and love the new creative ideas you keep coming up with :}
Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?
Go for it! Anything I release is yours to play around with as long as you don't credit it as yours!
Does this addon use player.json?
no it doesn't, its actually one of the most compatible addons I've ever played
does it use player.jason file
the atticination May 09, 2022 at 4:30 pm

askin ppl if their addon uses player.json we don't care man
bro we need to know if it uses it so we can know if it works with other addons, dont gotta be rude yk
yeah, but they give it one star for no reason that's so scummy.
I bet you scream at women when you don't get your way
This comment has been removed
Can I reprint your resources to my forum ?
Can I reprint your resources to my forum?
the atticination May 01, 2022 at 6:14 am
no way am i reading this right?

new DOTV update this is so cool omg!!!!11111!11!!1!!11
tous bonnement incroyable
Bro why get rid of the old textures they were fine just the way they were
and why would you change the names?
I loved them to death. But they were literally my first addon ever and made on a school laptop. They needed a redesign and some more love. I have plans for the old ones though. As outdated I feel like they were I’m never ok with completely trashing my work. (Unless it’s REALLY that bad or unsalvageable)
Can you give them the abillity to use the wepons please
This looks kinda good, hope you bring it to 1.18!
Love that all the bosses have names.
GREAT GREAT GREAT 10/10 ItsDarkwolf6 will you be my brother. please?
4got to put 5 stars