Published on October 25, 2022

Disciples of The Void: Martyr's Dawn // v1.0 Release

Ten spooky mobs are loose in the overworld, some of them are just out enjoying the Halloween season, some of them are begging for help. This Halloween season, enjoy the adventure that is: Disciples of the Void: Martyrs Dawn.

This addon is a spin-off of my flagship series: Disciples of the Void. This addon carries the same formula as the original, but is changed a little bit for the Halloween season.

This addon combines content from two diffevent addons. But doesn’t contain EVERYTHING from those addons. So if you enjoy this, you’ll DEFINITELY enjoy these!

Disciples of The Void: Volume I

Disciples of The Void: Volume II

The Accursed Valkyrie 2022

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Release v1.0:

Release of the spinoff of Disciples of the Void, an addon where you fight scary versions of disciples from the main series.

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Can maybe make it work Education edition and the mod looks amazing but the pack is failing. so can you do that for me please? Thank you
Podrian desminuir el spawn de mod zombies plis? Afecta el rendimiento en celulares de baja gama y es imposible jugarlo en multijugador ya que con tantos mod causa lag
Prismatica is not dropping the items
ah there is a little error above, deathblade has 500 blood in the spin off in. enderman with pumpkin is not eribus but limbos
All bosses have less health since there’s nine of them. As for Limbosis…. Yeah I messed up 💀
It's amazing 😍
Esto es absolutamente perfecto 👌
Impressive mod
Honestly love the addon, keep it up!