Published on December 30, 2021 (Updated on November 13, 2023)

Hexerei | A Totally Not Generic Spell Addon

Hexeri is a [[TOTALLY NOT GENERIC]] spell add-on that adds 15+ spells to your minecraft world obtained through a special table and materials. From quality of life spells to totally overpowered abilities, only YOU can draw the line of what is justifiable for use!

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Hexeri: v3.0  

  • Addon has been rebranded. It is now know as "Hexeri".
  • (Addon formerly known as Frostcraft)
  • Addon Art has been updated
  • Transformed the project into a general spell addon instead of a "Christmas Themed Ice" addon.
  • Fixed all 1.20.30 related errors
  • Krampus and all of his related items have been removed
  • Full on mana system added to help balance spells
  • Mana Potions added to tag along with the Mana System


  • New MYTHIC Spell added: Mana Clocker
  • All spells got general polishes.
  • LOTS of spells have been renamed.
  • Spell quotes have been removed.

Not going to list out every single minute little detail of what has changed for each spell. But just know that a LOT has changed and has been rebranded.


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Please update if you can
i can't make the damm mana potion
Will it work in 1.20.40?
Just… Awesome. Thanks for making the addon community better.
Totally not a generic spell addon. But fr, this looks really cool! Can't wait to try out the spells!
All comments below this are from before this update. Prior to this release it was a completely different project.
"When damage is taken to him, he has a chance to make a JoJo reference then explode." Sir this needs no explanation, this is the best feature a addon can have.
Wow, this is amazing. Very good job on the Addon, and have a Happy/Merry Christmas!