Published on June 07, 2019 (Updated on June 25, 2019)

Doctor Strange Add-on (With Real Magic)

Credits: Keyyard

Have you ever wanted to be a powerful sorcerer and Master of the Mystic Arts? An Avenger? To be able to cast spells, to fly, and be inevitable…? Learn to control your powers to protect the Earth from the Dark Dimension. 

Key Features

  • Cloak of Levitation/Necklace; Eye of Agomatto; The Ancient One’s Punch; Shield and Air Travelling spells; portals.  
  • Custom in-game background music 
  • Custom in-game add-on guide with a full tutorial and section for add-on creators.  

How does it work…? 

First of all, before using any kind of magic make sure that you have spawned all magic. You can spawn it through the new spawn eggs or do /function active.  

The Cloak of Levitation and Necklace (Decoration): 
  • Do the steps in Magic Activations Section or spawn it using a spawn egg from the inventory. It is a clock and necklace. 
  • Walk into it and you (the payer) will wear it automatically. Currently it only functions as decoration, but a future update will change this.  
Eye of Agomatto (Power): 
  • It replaces the emerald which means that a player can only hold it in their main hand. 
  • Whenever a player is holding it, it will automatically slow time causing nearby enemies to slow down.  
The Ancient One’s Punch (Weapon): 
  • Spawn a trident since this weapon replaces the trident in the inventory.  
  • To make the punch as realistic as possible, whenever a player is going to punch someone a thunderstorm occurs (as a bad omen).  
  • The ‘Holy Strong Punch’, which can take your soul, can only be used outside.  
Shield Spells: 
  • Do the steps in Magic Activations Section. You must hold in your hand the Air Travelling spell to make it work.  
  • It replaces the orange dye in the inventory which means that you can only hold it with your main hand.  
  • Whenever a player is holding it, a shield will automatically appear in front of the player. It isn’t a solid entity, but it does stop attack damage.  
Air Travelling Spell:  
  • Do the steps in Magic Activations Section. You must hold in your hand the Air Travelling spell to make it work.  
  • It replaces the nautilus in the inventory which means you can hold it in any hand. It can also be used in conjunction with other spells.  
  • Whenever a player is holding it, it will automatically appear under the player. As it is solid, a player can walk and stand on it.  
  • You can spawn this from the egg section of the inventory. It creates a portal which will automatically disappear after a few seconds.  
  • Players will have two portals to move from start to destination. We recommend that you have your friend control the destination (perfect for role play).  

Features Video

We have created this short video which outlines the key features for you. If you have any other questions, please message us on Twitter, Discord, our website, or leave a comment below. 

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I have updated logos, credits, images since i left Cracked Cubes.


Please use this add-on installation guide to help you install this mod. This is a must watch if you don’t know how to navigate ads and install add-ons into Minecraft PE. 

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Thx for giving me a virus😡😡😡
What a waste of time😡
Minecraft_Lover_23 June 01, 2021 at 7:48 am
unbelievable. You can't even download it, literally takes you to an unrelated website where you don't find fock all, so use mediafire links instead.
you can still download the mcaddon through mediafire it's just a pain in the ass when another website pops up, just wait a few seconds and click get link. It would have been better if it directly linked to mediafire but oh well, the mod overall is a cool mod, but their is barely much featured and from a test play of the mod, I couldn't stand how bad the spells are.
seems cool though.
How do you download? Could you just make a ad fly or media fire link.
could you please just put the link to the mediafire instead of the way you did
COOL, it only works if you put it on the top of the mod behavior list but that’s not a problem and mediafire pls you f0kin idiot
but true
why does the capsh!t keep saying cannot connect to capcha
Hey created why don’t you just put the person on the download link and make it a sucure webstite so it dosn’t say I NEED devise sucerity?????!!!!
You should add a MediaFire
Why don't you just post the mediafire link?
can you pls fix the download link aleready its been a long time and now this addon is old and the download link still wont work
Hello the resource link won’t let me download
Ye same I can't download it, aww the addon looks good Im so jealous to others that they can
Looks cool but was unable to download