Published on March 27, 2022 (Updated on March 30, 2022)

Dungeon Craft v1.02

Dungeon Craft is an add-on that adds various fantasy styled mobs, items, and dungeons.  Live in a survival world alongside goblins, necromancers, and other creatures!  Explore the world and find the adventures that await!


This is still in the early stages of being made

More mobs and items to come soon

Dungeons soon to be implemented!


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  • Jade, Ruby, and Pink Sapphire Staffs have been added
  • Natural spawning for entities
  • Trading for Necromancers
  • Balances among entities; speed, damage, etc.
  • New Featured Image
  • Added descriptions to weapons, items, and entities



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Please leave comments and feedback on what to improve and add!
Canta zindan ve mob eklersen bide maden fln zindan craft olir onun disinda iyi bir mod
could you make a addon were you can craft vanilla items in the game like saddles horse slimeballs and maybe try to make emerald tools and Armour if you did that would be cool because me and a few friends thought you were a pretty good creator of addons and we all agreed that it would be cool to have that addon. but if you don't wont to make it its alright(:
I'm glad you enjoyed the addon! Those all sound like good ideas, but I'm pretty sure a few people have already done that already. If you search for vanilla crafting and emerald armor you should be able to find something
just recommend not to use player.json or ui, which makes it not compatible with other addons
Woah my guy chill out with the 1 star its just a recommendation.
Please leave comments and feedback on what to improve and add!
Pretty good.