Published on January 11, 2020 (Updated on January 11, 2020)

Elf Queen (Boss) Add-On (v.1.14+)

This is a brand new add-on which adds new "elf" mobs into the game, with new game experience, it has 4 new mobs added to your Minecraft world to challenge and fight new monsters into the game!

In this add-on, it adds 4 new mobs/entities into your Minecraft worl. There are 4 new elf mobs, we have the Elf Queen (Boss), Elf Archer, Elf Warrior, and Elf Spearman.

Elf Queen:


Type: Boss

Health: 1000

Biome: Frozen/Snow Island


• Does only do Melee attack using her Iron Sword!

• Summons a lot of Lightning Bolts

• Summons diffirent type of minions (ex: Elf Archer, Elf Warrior, and Elf Spearman)

• Summons Evocation Fangs

• Makes nearby mobs to have Levitation effect if you go near the Levitation Fog.

Elf Warrior:

Type: Minion

Health: 85

Biome: Extreme Hills


• Does only do Melee attack if your to close to him!

• Can switch to "Defend Mode" if your a bit far away from him!

Elf Archer:

Type: Minion

Health: 20

Biome: Jungle


• Shoots Arrows like a Skeleton!

Elf Spearman:

Type: Minion

Health: 50

Biome: Desert


• Does only do Melee attacks using his Spear!

This are all the entities in the game! Addition details about this add-on, every elf mobs drop good loot, you will have a good and rich life... I hope you like the add-on! 😃🙏


  • ElfQueenAddOn.mcaddon

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4.36 / 5 (33 votes)
this addon would be cool if updated
make the boss attack all monsters
Can you make the Boss neutral because it is an insult to elves to have them automatically attack innocent people(elves always have a reason for stuff).
Sad the link is broken
I want to try it, please fix the link.
Hey, just thought I should let you know that this looks great but is impossible to download. The link you have posted here leads straight to the download but gives a 0kb .mcaddon file which fails to import on account of being not the full package. Please update your link!
Lol easy to kill because i have my own weapon addon myself it has 100 attack damage and enchantable and its an axe with chain like blood reaper in shadow fight 2 but different it has animations and you can throw it as a trident and the durability is very long time to break even enchanted and if you want my weapon addon well it has so many sites that you have to follow many steps so hard to download mod BUT THIS ADDON IS VERY GOOD... NICE JOB AT THIS KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ;)
Cannu uodate and add other elf enemies
This is so COOOOOOOL...
Can you make a boobs add-on? It is pretty much the elf queen but hopefully can hopefully be toggled on and off as well size. Thanks! (Joke) Unless? xd
Uhh can u make a NULL addon he’s a shadow herobrine
The idea is good. But this makes my iron golems attack each other, and modded creatures that attack her just keep on attacking while she stares at them, for example, crocodiles.
Can I use it in a modpack.
It is a great boss.
Also, kinda hard
I dont use Twitter, sorry about that :v but i just want to say that can you make more mobs about fantasy and mystical creatures (races) like goblin, troll,.... Just like elf races :v you can search google for more because my english very bad so i can only say that ._. Thanks you for reading!