Published on March 08, 2020

Ember Rod Addon V2

This addon pack adds a new weapon. This weapon is called the "Ember Rod".

This is a weapon that is easy to get after the trident and the diamond sword.

Ember Rod is very helpful in the neither.

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Changed the Ember Rod

Fixed the issue where ember rod held in hand was not giving fire resistance


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Guest-6312872946 May 16, 2020 at 5:16 pm
cool but way too OP, should have 5 atk dmg, fire resistance, have fire aspect, and slows you down 5%
it does not work if someone can help me out please do i put it all on with no other mods and try to craft it and it does not work? is there a reason
Pls fix it on classic hud. There's a bug when you transfer it into classic hud
isnt the original blaze rod.
I feel like this should have fire aspect on it. It just feels wrong
So you pretty much took the idea from Hypixel skyblock as well as the skin from the hypixel skyblock texturepack
whats your problem we dont even have this in bedrock lmfao
your so arrogant
This is adding to my previous comment. Since this is better then a diamond sword but super easy to obtain you should change the fire resistance effect to be only 10 seconds of fire resistance so you have to keep switching over to get a constant effect and also it doesn't make sense to be holding a super hot item for a weapon so maybe change the recipe to be 3 blaze rods and 2 blue ice at the bottom left and right corners so you can make a handle for it and that's all I have to suggest
It's super easy to get I recommend that you make the recipe harder to craft or lower damage and only allow fire resistance for like 10 seconds while holding so you have to keep switching
It is harder to get than diamonds, to get to nether u need obsidian and obsidian is obtainable other ways but extremely hard other ways. Meaning it is a little harder to get than u think.
Obsidian is fairly easy to obtain, getting the actual block is a bit difficult, but building a nether portal can be done in under a minute using a bucket of water and a lava pool