Published on April 22, 2019 (Updated on April 22, 2019)

Emerald Items Addon (1.12+)

Hello minecraft player, ever have you ever questioned why emerald tools/items don't currently exist in the vanilla game? I have. There are plenty of mods that adds emerald tools to java, but none for bedrock... Well today... I'm going to change that!

Addon By: NetherNinja. I'm always open to suggestions and feed back on twitter @NetherNinja.

Supported Minecraft versions

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I can't download it because of the stupid adds that keep showing up and the link just takes my to a random website
I see some nice ideas in those comments... i think im gonna do something but fo 1.16.210...
So I rate the addon only 1 star because, in real life, emerald is very soft and delicable (or whatever you spell it) and it breaks quickly
And that's why emerald tools don't exist
nice try to infect pc bro
the link send me to a random site and it doesnt let me download the mod
The link takes me to different random sites
What! Finally an emerald add-on.. Nothing says anything is replaced.. NOW THANK U FOR DIS GUD STUF BRO
Same I also have the same problems Clark Vergara
You dont need that because there have the nether update
Make a media fire link and change the add to because I can not download it with the add of
Please add emerald armour and do it for 1.14
Мне адон понравился жалко что брони из емеральдов нет?
The link takes me to different random sites
What is this??? Credit card?? Lose my money?? noob Creator Noob ?????
U sound like a nine yr old lmao
Guest-1506185844 May 25, 2020 at 2:19 am
This is literally free... are you 6 years old?
Can’t download. Make a media fire link
make an mediafire File