Published on February 10, 2021 (Updated on February 10, 2021)

Enderman Mode

Welcome to Enderman Mode For Minecraft Bedrock Edition! This addon includes everything a Enderman can do except teleport. Features are listed below.

Features list:

- Water and rain hurt you.
- Your three blocks tall.
- Enemy’s don’t attack you (Looking at an Enderman won’t make him attack you)
- Iron Golems don’t like you.
- Forty Hearts

Use Experimental Gameplay for the best experience!

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Redone the whole addon so MCPEDL accepts it. I rewrote EVERYTHING and even made it so much no more descriptive. Please accept MCPEDL as it would mean a lot to me.



Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

what website did you use to create this?
whats ur password for mediaa fire i need it for it too work plzz
I have an ideea for teleportation! You can add something like always having an ender pearl in the inventory. It is still unknown how they teleport so use that!
I am a enderman
Is there a way to make only 1 person enderman. Like in multiplayer not realms.
Can you like make a ghost addon? That would be very cool and great for a world I wanted to have
not good. it crashes my world 1000 times!
has teleportation like the enderman?
The one thing i love about an enderman is teleporting but this addon gives all but that. Still good tho.