Published on November 23, 2019 (Updated on October 25, 2020)

Even Cuter Vanilla Cats (Updated: 10/24/2020)

Updated to fix the walking animation and the sitting posture. If you dislike the Vanilla Minecraft cat models as much as I do, you might enjoy my resource pack! This resource pack adds a new model for the kitties including all new ears, whiskers, and kitty paws! All of which will function as normal in both survival and creative.

How could the Minecraft team leave the best part of a cat out? Their ADORABLE little kitty paws & whiskers! This resource pack updates a few textures for the vanilla cat, but the biggest change is the model. With this resource pack the Vanilla Minecraft cats will behave normally, they will just look a little different. You will still be able to tame, dye the collars on, breed, and receive gifts from your kitty pal. This resource pack will not disable xbox achievements. If you dislike my version of the cat, that’s ok you can just remove the resource pack from your world and everything should be fine. 

I hope you enjoy this pack!

  • Added sweet little kitty paws, whiskers
  • Fixed the ears so they are more cat-like ears
  • Raised the tail 
  • Color corrected a couple of the vanilla textures, and made the pupils black on the cats with colored pupils. 

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- Updated to v1.1.0

- Fixed the walking animation and the sitting posture. 

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The yare so cute! can you make a behavior pack wish adds more animations, for example, if there is no bed nearby, cats will seek the nearest carpet around them to sleep at night. And in the morning, at noon, and at sunset, cats will seek for the nearest empty flower pot, if available, and will eat for around 15 seconds. That would be awesome! But still, very good textures!
asl for the pareton, you said to someoen ther is a free rank, i dont see it, the minimum is 3 dollars per month...... why always monthly or yearly subscriptions, anything permanent?
Please update the link. The cats are SUPER cute but I can't download until you update the link.
I really want this but the download link needs updating. :( :( :( :( :(
This is awesome, everything about this I amazing and I obviously love it, lol but with the legs I thought you would keep the normal legs but add the toe/paw/idk part at the bottom of the leg instead of making the legs thinner but still overall this is amazing and I can’t stress it enough
Does this work with cats + addon?
can u make one for pc please?I will cry if u dont
Fix link use mediafire please or tell me how to download I’m on iPad.
Make a big pack with all of the better mobs!
I already have, see this link
Can i make a warrior cat map with this? The cats look really good and awesome!
Can u fix the link cuz I'm scared in case I get virus pls just don't take me to unsafe links
I promise, there are no unsafe links here. If you want to skip the ads you are welcome to join my FREE Patreon tier!
Is it really free not trying to be mean
This is the best, but this link is broken, but i used the more animals from you and it worked the cats look so cute and it was very helpful for my warrior cat map.
Fixed the link, thank you so much ♥
WolfGirlMarySueAngelHybrid November 27, 2019 at 11:18 am
Make a better wolf please. They are toooooooo small and they should come in more colors.
A wonderful creator already made this pack ♥
wow this Addon Really great i hope you can make better Fox as well because i Really hate the eye of fox its kinda derpy
Thank you so very much! And yes, just for you RTN14 I will give the foxes a cute makeover ?? Thank you for your kind feedback!
Ask, and you shall receive! I hope you enjoy my newest pack!
Did cat can sleep in the bed without us on the bedrock edition?
You know, to be honest I have no idea. I play Minecraft often and my cats sit on my utility blocks but I've never seen this unless I am sleeping in the bed and my cat sleeps on my belly. Please let me know if you figure it out ?
(hi this was supposed to be posted first but I don’t think it was lol)

I really like the addition of the whiskers! The ears definitely look a lot better too, but... I do find the new legs a little... strange? Personally, I liked the stubbier legs of the other pack more. It had more of that munchkin look, y'know?

Other than that, I ? it! I’ve only recently discovered these and I was going to download the cuter animals pack today until I saw this and the rabbit pack and decided to wait until you updated the animal pack. Please update it soon!! ??
The Cuter Animals pack has already been updated with cats ♥
Also, please make cuter llamas! I think the vanilla llamas are a bit of an eyesore. They really didn't make them fluffy enough
I agree 100% about the llamas... I hate so much that their neck is also their face! ?‍♀️? I will add it to my list and improve it ASAP!
Ooh I really like the addition of the whiskers. The ears look a lot better too, however... I do find the new legs are a little... strange? Personally, I really liked the stubbier legs of the other pack more. It kind of had that munchkin look, y'know?

Other than that, I ? it! I’ve only discovered these recently and I was going to download the cuter vanilla animals pack today, but then I noticed this and the rabbit one and decided to wait until you updated the animals pack. Please update it soon!! ??
The animals pack was updated with the newer cat and rabbit today :) I Hope you like the pack! Also, as for the legs I prefer them this way. If you don't, that's OK just a difference of opinion - we can agree to disagree ??❤️ I hope you will enjoy the pack anyways! Maybe at a later time I will release this cat with the vanilla legs just for you!