Minecraft but Everytime You Kill a Creeper You Duplicate Your Max Health

Hello, as always, here Cristopher, how are you doing? I was bored and that's why I made this add-on I hope someone has fun playing it, as you already read in the title, this add-on will try to make sure that every time you kill a creeper your maximum life is doubled

How it works? 

Well the mod works as follows, you start with a heart in the world, which will make you quite vulnerable to play the world so to raise your maximum of your life you will have to kill creepers for each creeper you kill, your life points will be multiply by two,If you end up killing many creepers at the end your life bar will not be visible in the game interface.


So summarizing what will happen if you kill a creeper is that your life will be doubled in this example, here we have a heart

in this other, when we have already killed a creeper, we can appreciate that now we have two hearts, that is, our life has doubled.

And in this other one it is after having killed many creepers where we double our life to the point where it is no longer seen on the screen!

When you die you appear again with 1 heart so be careful not to die


In essence there is nothing else I could say to you, just good luck to those who try to play with this add-on and I hope you have fun ^^

This is just a add-on so simple so try to enjoy

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1.0.5 Just fix something in the download description ( nothing important ) 


Just click it and it will install itself :D


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