Published on February 07, 2020 (Updated on February 07, 2020)

Evil Nun in Minecraft

Evil nun is a horror mobile game which was made by Keplerians Team and now is recreated as a horror map in minecraft bedrock edition. So, how do I play this map? You are locked in a school where inside there is an Evil Nun. Your mission is to escape the school without getting caught by her and you only have three days to leave or suffer the consequences from her. How do I escape? You will have to find necessary items in order to leave the school and you can escape through the main door or by car.

I hope you like it😊.

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I changed some texture packs for low devices, so the game should run smoothly.

Extreme mode, added to the map!



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This map has command block with force adventure mode
Wherr we can play tgether for fun
Can u make a granny or evil nun hoise without granny or evil nun.where we can play with our friend' he is a player or i am Granny.pls make a house without any command's
I got out with the car... is there another ending i missed because i dont know what you do with the box
You need to get a paint bucket and go near the van and you escape!
Cool can you make an addon which adds the evil nun and other scary game themed like granny,mr meat, ayuwoki and more monsters pls