Published on April 12, 2020 (Updated on June 23, 2021)

New Granny Chapter Two

Granny chapter two is a brand new horror game, which was made by DVloper, and is now recreated in Minecraft Bedrock edition as a horror map. How do I play this map? You are locked into a haunted house where inside there is an old lady called Granny and an old man called Grandpa. How do i escape? The task is to escape the house by finding necessary items in order to leave the house, and you can escape through the main door or by boat. But you only have five days to leave. Good luck.

I hope you like it😀.

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Granny Chapter 2 Map Updated.

  • The helicopter escape was added.
  • I've changed the details of the boat.
  • New escape scenes.
  • Reduced texture pack details for low devices.



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kenapa takde granny and grandpa
Why'ed You Put GravY On Granpas Mouth?
Nice map everything looks the same and I like the spider a.k.a Fox
Why i cant find the front door key?
please add creative mod,i cand creative mod????
Go down and off the add commands and turn into creative
Very good map but the hiding trick doesnt work they can still see me and they can go to the vents its annoying well atleast i escaped but pls fix...
is this can be played on multiplayer?
Yeah I have the same question
Yes it can idiot how would you do "Player" mode if you are literally not in mutiplayer
Guest-6900771697 May 27, 2020 at 6:36 pm
I keep dying when I spawn
If your name is Steve then you would keep dying
Maybe his mcpe name is Steve right?
Guest-7997634720 May 20, 2020 at 9:41 pm
I always dead when entering the world :l
Change your nickname in minecraft then you will stop dying
Hey, i can't stun both of them even though i put the stun gun ammo on the floor. Is this a bug or am i missing something
Oh Sorry for that,try to watch one of my videos where i show how to escape both door and boat escape. If it does not work still, reply here.