Published on April 16, 2020 (Updated on December 16, 2020)

Mr. Meat

Mr. Meat is a horror, adventure mobile game and it was originally made by Keplerians Team for mobile devices. As it is extremely scary I decided to recreate it in minecraft bedrock edition as a horror map. How do I play? A girl is locked in this "prison" house that seems to be a haunted house. The mission is to save her and escape the house but you only have 3 nights to accomplish it.. Keep in mind, that Mr Meat can hear your moves, you can use this advantage to mislead him. How do I escape? You will have to find the correct items in order to escape and save the poor girl.

I hope you like it😉.

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The map it's bigger and there are lots of place where to explore.

The evil pig was added in this version.

Now the map will restart automatically when the game is finished, so you wouldn't have to download the map again!



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why does it say it works with 1.6
The update made this a lot better, good effort OP.
Can i download the texture pack please
You Can Just Grab The Resources Addon bruh