Evil Parkour III [Parkour]

The third and final instalment of the Evil Parkour series is here, as featured by Unspeakable. Evil Parkour returns with one extended level and only 6 checkpoints - will you make it to the end, or burn to a crisp in the choppy lava lying below?


Play Evil Parkour 1 and 2 before playing this map! Links available below.


This map is dedicated to UnspeakablePlays, who has played the series. Without him, this never would have become possible! Despite the fact that, he'll probably rage so hard in this map (just saying).


This is the third and final instalment of the Evil Parkour series. Bounce your way over many new obstacles in one super-extended level. There are 6 checkpoints throughout the whole map, and the lava is even more choppy than before. It's just waiting to reel you in until you burn to a crisp! Dare you attempt to survive?


  • Do not cheat. Only noobs cheat.
  • The world options are locked to give you the best possible gameplay experience! Don't unlock or change them.
  • It's advised you stay singleplayer. It has not been tested in multiplayer and you may experience issues.
  • DO NOT distribute this map anywhere else online, unless you provide a link to THIS PAGE.
  • Attribute us if you record this for YouTube. That includes you Unspeakable! If you don't attribute, you'll find your video taken down for copyright.


  • Created by The Sonic Master.
  • Co-Created by Death Foxy.
  • Tested by XxCheesePuffxXD.
  • Fast Day/Night by XammaxMCPE.
  • Played and supported by Unspeakable.

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