Published on March 17, 2022 (Updated on August 06, 2022)

Expansive Ores Addon V6 || Now Compatible with any Addons! 1.19.10 Compatibility


This addon aims to add new ores, armor, tools, weapons, utility items, tables with custom ui, new shields, new enchantments all this will be added to your minecraft bedrock world I will update it as much as possible with many things and in the same way I will let you Give suggestions to improve the addon even more. I invite you to my discord server where you can comment on your ideas or do it privately on discord.

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---- Change List V6 ----

- Solved loot problems with amber's ore.

- Fixed bug with skeletons that didn't have bows.

- Added new enchantments table.

- Added a total of 8 new enchantments.

- Fix with drills not breaking certain blocks.

- Advanced amber amulet has been removed.



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this is skyfactory modpack version 7, if anyone wanted the updated version

www .
When you break ore ect from other mods with the drill, they do break but you get nothing, it just disappears.
When you use silk touch you get the ore block and the ore, effectively have infinite of one ore please fix this. But great mod tho.
Drills do not extract ores fix this
Shields got fixed? In last version shields didnt work (any shield) they dont block damage as usual they have to, would u test it and fix?
(Bedrock version)
Developer please answer why after this update you did not return the drop of amber ore and did not remove the experience from it please check and fix ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
Cut the spawn rate of ore monsters significantly, they should be more like a mini boss given thier size and hp, maybe giving them thier own cave domain would make them more of something to seek out rather than walk away from, also adding more variation in loot chests, the loot table is exactly the same each time. If you give the ore golems unique cave domains you could also add loot to those structures, and why not make it so each golem drops a different think, like ore hearts that beat faster when near their corresponding ore, along with golems for all the vanilla ores. The mod is overall fantastic and shows some incredible potential for the future!
Good afternoon Mr. Creator, I was wondering if you could improve the textures of the armor and perhaps the weapons
The developers are great, but in the next update, fix the return of the drop of amber ore, but remove the experience from it, otherwise someone suddenly cheats, otherwise he found and received his experience drops out even if you put it back in survival
Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?
Hello there,
I really like this addon for my singleplayer worlds. But now me and my friends have a Gameserver on Nitrado and i wanted to ask if you know how to add it to our server? Is it possible?
Can you please put the download link as a media fire link so I can download it to my Xbox ?
It is an excellent addon, but the amount of mineral golems that are generated is crazy, you should decrease their appearance
Los escudos son compatibles con mobs de otros mods?