Published on May 09, 2022 (Updated on December 03, 2022)

Torch OffHand Addon (Compatible With Other Addons) 1.19.50+ Update!

Have you ever wanted to put a torch on the 2nd hand? Well, look no further because thanks to this addon you can use the torch in your 2nd hand and light your way just by having it in your hand.

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--Change List--

- Compatibility with current versions of minecraft

- Compatibility with servers

- Solution with the manifest due to change in the api script (gametest)

- Code of the api script was changed



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Pra mim Não funciona no Escuro
Hey! Can you upgrade to add 3D models to the torch and a lantern for the second hand?
Please don’t tell me this is just a stolen version of raiyons dynamic lighting
I would never do that, I uploaded this addon quite a while ago, it only updates current versions of the game.
no me funciono el mod UnU

el pack de recursos, si me funciono, si lo pude descargar y importar a minecraft, pero el pack de comportamiento, me dejo descargarlo, pero no importarlo, me marcaba como {error al importar "nombre de pack desconocido" para mas información, consulta el registro de salida}

pero, de todas maneras, el mod, se ve buenardo 🛐
Does this work on a server?
Behaviour pack dosnt work
Virus link, this addon has some really sketchy re-directs