Exploration Addon (Fear Update)

Exploration Addon b + is here! You may also like awesome features to liven up your game! such as biomes, blocks, animals, items, food and monsters! come have fun!

Creator (Brasileiro): @GabrielCas29007_ (Twitter) / Channel: yBrothers

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- Bug Fixes

- New model and textures for End Birds

- Removed Brown Mooshoroom


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Love the mod! Totally recommend it. Herobrine and the mobs are cool. But PLEASE FIX THE FOXES. thanks
he try to get u virus no one want virus
I cant download it
Por que tantooos liiinks?
WHY where are the foxes I only get the fennec this is awful
Put it in zip plz
This addon is great if I could give it 10 stars I would
Bug: nether fox BURN, the logic is dead...
If i add is addon i can’t see sun and moon!
His boss bar doesn't say Herobrine. It says stinky something or smelly? Can't remember what it said but I was testing and that is what I saw. Is this a bug?
Did it say "Some Stinky Creature"?
In the cave update health bar of the boss spider call like that!
Yea, on the giant spider boss it says “some stinky creature” on the health bar
@TheBlueFire3467 Yes! Is this a bug?
Guys don’t worry I got the link to this addon! Just click here it will take you straight to the download page I hope this will help a lot of people
Where? You said you had the link?
Por favor, faça dele um link mediafire Por favor??? ????? (I speak English and copy pasted something in the translator)
eu ia comentar exatamente isso!!
Gabriel Castro, when I press the link to download one of your addons it takes me to ShortLink360 instead, and ShortLink360 just doesn’t let me download the addon, so pls make it take me to Mediafire pls.
And update for support 1.13 beta
Can you only remove red fox and snow fox please and add 1.14 animations from foxes and add it through the fennec,gray and nether fox.
Why would he remove the original foxes and put their animations to the others? Why removing the original foxes? Is their any logic put to this? Clearly not. The animations would be nice though
what can I do with the Infinity fragments?