Published on June 28, 2020

Extra Crafting Recipes (Old Items Included) Plugin

This addon basically adds custom crafting recipes for uncraftable items in game such as elytra, horse armor, etc. Along with that, this addon also adds crafting recipes for certain blocks that are hidden within the game files.


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

pleas change link the link is a virus link
Where the hell is the mediafire link
Could you possibly add a totem recipie using the enchanted golden apple? Like, notch apple in mid, in a y around it gold blocks, and a emerald block above the notch apple?
Pleade add some spawn eggs ASAP btw cool mod
How do I download coz I want it badly!please make a media fire link stuff coz I dunno how to download using the link you used so pls...
XD I pranked my brother!
please leave a media fire link PLZ
where is the portofolio its the book to save the pictures that you captured in the camera
Heres a thought go find a addon or use minecraft education edition
Can you add cobweb please.
can i get a link? adfly wont work
It is more simple and realistic if the chain armor was crafted with chains added in 1.16
When can we expect spawn eggs? I just want to repalce a broken skeleton spawner some tool broke :-P
cant download because of stupid ad pages, please leave a direct mediafire link next time.
I totally agree with u
It says I have to click allow to continue but I don't know what it wants to allow so I'm not clicking it