Published on September 16, 2019 (Updated on September 19, 2019)

Extreme Hide And Seek : Cave Edition

Hide n Seek is a popular minigame for multiplayer games. But this map, in particular, has a twist to it which makes you be able to select a camouflage skin (stone, obsidian, and a dark gray shadow) 

Extreme Hide and Seek: Caves Edition is a minigame map where two teams compete against each other. The hiders are supposed to keep themselves hidden for 3 minutes and the seekers are supposed to find the hiders before the time runs out.

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- New Featured Image

- Added more hiding spot!


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Isn’t there supposed to be blocks here that you can go through but look like real blocks?
clicked medafire and got hentai
Next time, have morality when it comes to posting download links. Shaking my head.
The download keeps sending me to random websites
Idk same problem tho
Did u find a way around it
How do you get off the spam page
Did you built the cave by yourself or with friends or maybe using World Painter... Cuz it's a great map! I played this with my BOIS and we enjoyed!
Rate: 8/10