Published on May 08, 2019 (Updated on May 08, 2019)

Escape Pennywise

A horror Map based on imagination. Escape Pennywise is an Adventure/Horror Map where you will find a way out of the sewer to save your life from Pennywise will you able to escape? Download the map and find out!

Creator: Gab_The_Crafter, @Gab_The_Crafter

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-Ending Bug Fix

-Pennywise Disappearing Bug Fix

-Command Blocks Optimized


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Oh my god when I came to the starting I saw pennywise when I came near him I saw a big JUMSCARE!
I keep getting jump scared at start
I'm sorry, but this is literally unplayable right now, Pennywise keeps on catching up to me despite not being followed when the game says "RUN"
wouldnt recommend to play this map, too many bugs, too short and pennywise is always swimming in the water. good job
Good. But too short! There is a lot of glitch also..