Published on July 21, 2019 (Updated on July 21, 2019)

The Asylum (Horror)

On a stormy cold autumn night, you are driving back from an exciting evening at your friends house. You're travelling down a road you don't really remember, after having one too many beers you just assume you are tired and exhausted and carry on driving, you must recognize something sooner or later.

Lightning strikes above your head and forks down to the trees ahead of you. Your slow reflexes push down on the breaks, but not in time, you collide with the falling tree... and ... you pass out.

Opening your eyes, you crawl out of the wreckage, head throbbing with pain. To the left of you is a tunnel, you can just about see a light at the end. You walk down the tunnel, but are abruptly stopped by a cave in. You're trapped. No signal. No light. And in pain.

The only exit you can see from the crash site is a small cave like opening with a sign reading 'Chartham Asylum'

There has to be a phone there.


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The boss fight was quite underwhelming not gonna lie, but everything else was perfect
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i finsihed recording uploaded to youtube and i also put the mcpedl link and tld about the creater to follow him here the video link can i get a shout out pls i only have 30 subs
teaghantheminecraftgod May 08, 2021 at 11:08 pm
this game scared me and my sister to death, this is a awesome map! you did so good creator. this is the best horror map i have played, the noises make everything so much better
Theres a bug where if you die, you spawn outside the map. Other than that the map was really good.
I almost threw my tablet accord the room playing this it's scary good job on giving me night mares but I don't blame you it would get a lot of views on YouTube (no offens)
The game is the best can you make escape the ayuwoki chapter 1 because no one made a game of the ayuwoki
How to dowloaaaaaaaaaaad?!!!!!!!!!!!!! idiots
Yeah u use adfly, fck
Hello! I am a content creator and this map made a great video for my channel. This was possibly the scariest Minecraft horror map I've played! I would have given the map 5 stars, however there was one spot where I died and it spawned me outside the map then I had to creative mode my way back in, thus lowering the score to 4/5. All around great gameplay though.
Hello i'm a brazilian and i would like to ask if this map has jump scares (I used Goggle translate)
singleplayer our multiplayer???
Cant download due to ad, can you make a link without it??
Excelente mapa, me cague de miedo, estaba llorando.
Deberias hacer mas mapas como este.
I love you <3