Published on May 03, 2019 (Updated on May 04, 2019)

Herobrine's Terror

On this map you will Fight the mighty HEROBRINE and you must avoid his different attacks to survive. Will you survive download and play the map to find out!

This map is inspired by Euclides

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- Major Bug Fix

- Lag on low end devices minimize


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ad fly dum dat means u dum
Everytime I win herobrine says what’s that power? And I loose ? oh and unspeakable’s mouth is really funny ?
Its really fun I like it.
Uh slight problem, you can get to the first red block. I tried everything. It’s impossible. I ended up having to break herobrines leg to his body and arm to get up. You either need to put it in a different spot or make the jump boost greater.
Yeah it’s impossible to break
this is crazy yeah