Published on July 08, 2019 (Updated on July 08, 2019)

Fallout: New Vegas - Freeside (unfinished world)

This is a project I worked on for a long time, but recently kinda stopped. I don't think I will get around to finishing it, but if I ever do I'll be sure to update this page. The map is pretty much the entire shell of Freeside, and the Lucky 38 in the background. No interiors are done, so, get creative! 

*Please note*: Fallout Mash-up pack is required if you don't want the map to look horrible

This is a full scale recreation of the town Freeside from Fallout: New Vegas


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so i downloaded ur map ima continue working on the map and try to upload it as a server and put u in the main creator.
I know you gave up on this but if I helped would you resume it?
This will make a PERFECT PvP map! if you could, could you add loot chests around the map? its fine if u dont.
Could you make a fallout shelter
A random peeing enderman August 31, 2019 at 7:10 am
the paid pack.
someone can go to the files, take it, then put it on his/her resource pack.
I didn't think you'd release the map to the public! I hope you continue to work on it! :D
But the Fallout Mash-up pack is paid...
I'm very fan of fallout. the map is just like the game, congratulations. I hope you can finish ??
I like the map a lot really detailed (except the indoors) and similar to the game! I even compared it to my Xbox to see how similar they were! Just 2 things, #1. Can you detail the indoors of the map? #2. Can you add a Mc pack like vault craft or something so I don’t have to buy the mash-up? Thanks!
You do know this was made by poeticwhisper? This was copied.
this isn't copied, just see how made it.
i think that there not too much indoor area in freeside
Looking real nice and desolate there. Never played any of the fall-out games, but I sure can see the similarities to the screenshots I found.