Published on April 11, 2021 (Updated on June 01, 2022)

Family Man [Alternate Interactions Addon]

Don't you wish you had a family or a bigger family, well now you can. With this addon you can be apart of the zombie family, villager family, the cow family, and all others. Sadly other mobs don't like you as much or are just plane confused.

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Changed the page.

changed the feature image.

Added 11 new modes.

  • Every family
  • no families
  • undead families
  • overworld families
  • nether families
  • end families
  • object families
  • big mob families
  • farm animal families
  • human families
  • fish families


Installation Guides

Is there a piglin family?
can you make a parasite origin mod
I got a great idea for this addon: add fox, when in fox family u get infinite jump boost 4, and u are attack by wolves, also u dont take berry bushes damaeg
How do I change my group?
The addon is good but I don't know how to join family. It didn't instruct me so I'm giving 3 star
is there vindicator/illagers family group mode in this addon?
how do you use this addon ???????????
I love this addon after using this for 10 minutes I got so confused by the mob randomly attacking me.