Published on August 04, 2021 (Updated on October 23, 2022)

Fans and Grinders | New Grinder and Suction Hopper

Do you want to easily farm mobs for their experience and items but you don't want to stand there hitting them all the time? This addon adds new blocks that will make it easy to farm mobs!

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Version 3:


  • Added Large Suction Hopper.
  • Added Ender Grinder:
    • Ender Grinder can randomly teleport mobs to it in a radius of 10 blocks.
    • Damage is stronger than Diamond Grinder.
  • Added an inventory to suction hoppers:
    • Normal Suction Hopper - 6 slots
    • Large Suction Hopper - 16 slots


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It would have been if this mod actually worked. The community has a distinct lack of home defense add-ons and this would have been amazing. I don't know if any of the components are craft table as I tested it with creative inventory and switching to survival. I never tested the fan but the grinders are the problem. They *appear* to work as they can be placed, activated/tamed with levers and they will turn on and spin. Here's the problem... the grinders only damage the player, not any mob in the game, 9nly the player. This fact makes the mod totally useless crap.
I tested it and it works perfectly for me.
Hey how did you fix the bug in the custom block models? All addons have that bug and I can't find a solution.
The block model should not be bigger than 1 block
I wish there was a blood effect whenever it grinds a villager into bits and piece because that looks so fun!
Whe i upgrade it to loting it doesn't damage
Everything is working fine for me
I think the grinders are better
The Fans didn't work correctly whe you try to use a crafted fan the didn't work.
Olá , os moedor não está funcionando , não dá para crafitar e nem aparece no criativo.
E tem um bug os ventiladores no menu do criativo não aparece a textura.
Mas Parabéns o addon está muito bom.
Hey Can i use This For My Modpack. I will credit