Published on August 04, 2021 (Updated on February 10, 2022)

Fans and Grinders (Fix 1.18.10)

Do you want to easily farm mobs for their experience and items but you don't want to stand there hitting them all the time? This addon adds new blocks that will make it easy to farm mobs!

With this addon you can push mobs using the fan and damage them using the grinders. The grinder has 2 types the Iron and Diamond, the diamond deals more damage.

Iron Grinder:

Diamond Grinder:

How does it work? : Grinders

The grinders needs atleast 1 block of space above it (air block), if there is a block above it when you place it, it will break.

When you place the grinder it will not work immidietly, use a lever and interact with it be sure to aim at the center of the grinder. It will emmit a particle once you sucessfully turned it on. 

Once its on it will damage mobs around it including you the player.

Grinder Damage Range:

The red outline is the damage range of the grinders.

Upgrade Chips:

You can upgrade you grinders using the upgrade chips. You can only use 1 chip per grinder, so choose wisely.

Power Chip - Improves damage a little.

Looting Chip - Improves drop rates.

Same as using the lever, hold the chip and interact with it on the grinder. Upgraded grinders will emmit particles.

Green particle meaning it has a looting upgrade and orange meaning it has a power upgrade. Breaking the grinder will drop its upgrade chip.

Suction Hopper:

Suction hopper teleport all near items and EXP to it.

You can place it above hoppers to store the items. The suction hopper has a UI that you can interact with. Simply interact with the suction hopper.

You can set its range to 5 or 10, to see its how much area it covers simply tap the "Show Range" button.

This boundary has a range of 10.

The Fans:

The Fan is the highlight of this addon since it has many uses. You can push mobs, players and items and you can even control its flow of air.

Fan Recipe:

Fan blade:

Fan Block:

With the fan block you can rotate it any direction and it has a maximum push of 6 blocks. The Fan block needs redstone power in order for it to turn on. You can limit the push by blocking the air using a block.

Demonstration Video V1:



  • This addon uses entities so be careful when doing /kill.
  • You can make a video of this addon just credit.
  • You are not allowed to make your own downloading link.

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  • Fixed model breaking for Iron and Diamond Grinders for the new version 1.18.10


  • Experimental Mode must be turned on.


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4.17 / 5 (6 votes)
It would have been if this mod actually worked. The community has a distinct lack of home defense add-ons and this would have been amazing. I don't know if any of the components are craft table as I tested it with creative inventory and switching to survival. I never tested the fan but the grinders are the problem. They *appear* to work as they can be placed, activated/tamed with levers and they will turn on and spin. Here's the problem... the grinders only damage the player, not any mob in the game, 9nly the player. This fact makes the mod totally useless crap.
I tested it and it works perfectly for me.
Hey how did you fix the bug in the custom block models? All addons have that bug and I can't find a solution.
The block model should not be bigger than 1 block
I wish there was a blood effect whenever it grinds a villager into bits and piece because that looks so fun!
Whe i upgrade it to loting it doesn't damage
Everything is working fine for me
I think the grinders are better
The Fans didn't work correctly whe you try to use a crafted fan the didn't work.
Olá , os moedor não está funcionando , não dá para crafitar e nem aparece no criativo.
E tem um bug os ventiladores no menu do criativo não aparece a textura.
Mas Parabéns o addon está muito bom.
Hey Can i use This For My Modpack. I will credit