Published on November 26, 2017 (Updated on August 06, 2021)

Fantasy Islands (Theme Park) [Creation] [Roller Coaster]

Fantasy Islands Resort is a custom-made theme park with 8 themed areas and over 30 rides & attractions, from thrilling roller coasters to interactive dark rides & entertaining live shows!

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Hi im here cause you will never update this map and my emotion like a roller coaster happy cause you made a beautiful park and sad cause there's no future update thank you for this you took so many years to made this amazing park
Pls change it to mediafare link. Dropbox won't do mc.worlds anymore.
It is the March download and I can't get the new update December one please fix it
Hi im a fan of blockcoaster so i tell this to you this map will will never be update that was the last update
Is it possible to get just the texture pack? Because im making my own amusment park and i want the textures.
Please get rid of the music
what is going to be the next update?
Hi there's no update this was the last update of the map go to the yt channel of blockcoaster and fin the video that fantasy island will never get a new update
It is actually coming out today with The Lost Island coming!!!
Guest-2221318922 May 28, 2020 at 1:36 am
Very nice map
There is two rooms in Nebula hotel that are left broken can you fix that pls
End_Boy_ pls make 1.10
This , is the best map ever seen
Thanks for making this for map creater
Keep up good work
Can I move it to the Chinese website
Map imports ok and I can find it in the list, yet when I try to launch IT an error appears ( world was made in newer version etc- I use 1.12).
Hi can i download also only the resourse pack?
The download needs updated please. Dropbox does not do .mcworld anymore. Try mediafire
Pls change to mediafare. Dropbox doesn`t do mc. Worlds anymore
The Ulysses corporation sound always plays. It ruins the experience