Published on August 18, 2022 (Updated on September 13, 2023)

Fantasy Medieval

Fantasy Medieval is a fishing village with a futuristic twist. Built in Creative from the ground up.

It consists of 6 small houses for the development of several players at the same time.  If we look at the sky, we will see above our heads a large zeppelin and 3 small ships facing each other. (You could say they are preparing for battle).

  In the First Update structures were created such as: Windmill, House of food, A lighthouse, A clock tower, A small house with medieval decoration, A tower of the magician and Small boats and cranes.

In the Second Update structures were created such as: A medieval style castle, a floating island, a triding area for villagers, enchantment zones, nether portals and decorations such as a collapdes bridge, interior and trees created and decorated by hand.

With the new update, larger structures have been created, giving a better setting, all decorated and illuminated for the player to enjoy to the fullest.

1. A Japanese-style castle with exterior decoration.

2. An island of large statues and portals in the background.

3. A desert town with small temples and houses, inhabited by villagers.

4. A large port with Japanese decoration.

5. Two large ships.

6. Two floating islands with hot air balloons have been added.

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With the new update, large structures have been added, doubling the size of the map and improving its content:

1. A Japanese-style castle, decorated.

2. A Japanese style port.

3. An island with three large statues with portals to the nether.

4. Two large ships.

5. A desert town, with villagers and decoration.

6. Two floating islands, decorated and habitable.

7. Small decorations have been added such as birds flying around the island of statues, a small area of ​​cherry trees and the lighting of the new areas created has been improved.


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Nevermind, it does
Hey, do you have a version with achievements on? I would build off it in survival. Obviously I would credit you in the video and the description. I enjoy having fun in bedrock edition.
the clock tower is all over with "update block", if you have a discord i can send you some prints
Hi, can i use this world for a stream into and outro? It just looks so cool! Or course i'll put in this link and have you credited, thanks!
Sure, no problem. You can use it. XD
Thank you =)
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