Published on July 24, 2021 (Updated on August 03, 2021)


This is a pack I made for someone who can't be named, you can use it if you want. This is a fantasy texture pack . This is my first texture pack, I had help with some sample pack (better netherite default texture pack, and minecraft dungeon tools texture pack) for inspirationThank you for NotroDan for making the map. This texture pack has LORE in it, I still hate it that I made this for that someone who can't be named. You can search the files for clues for what.clue: "Xlmw ibtivmqirx ampp fi kmzir xs xli asvph. -Wli wemh

wcqfsp, fmrevc, gmtliv"

here are what things I textured! And also I made new loading screen texts, also faces when your trying to break a block.
For the items and weapons I made it to NOT have the outlines and I made the white colors little more to purple colors.


These are the armors and swords, I retextured the gold, iron and diamond. The swords are a bit big to be HANDLE-ing ;). I didn't remake the leather armor nor the chainmail armor since I didn't want to and that would take a lot more time.


This is cool man dark wood. I retextured the dark oak planks block for fun and giggles only, since I think the dark oak planks block are really cool!


This is the other items that I textured (except for golden shovel no one likes that) and what the netherite and golden items look like. I made Funny Faces for the apples and the map and elytra. I hope you also think it's funny! If you don't, remember an apple a day wont keep the jokes away.



Some unusual things happened to some mobs while making this. No actions will be responsible for me if some humans are frightened by some of these mobs, especially the GHAST. beware.


This is one of the loading screen texts! "Aaaand, some experiments failed trying to make the logo so I decided to override it with the better one!" -She said


These are what the wooden, stone, iron and diamond tools look like! I made the he axes look more OP since the axes look bigger than the swords. I made the hoes look more attractive and very swirly.


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remade the downloads so i can keep track the downloads


1.You need atleast Minecraft Bedrock to download it. (Idk if it works in Java :/)


for .mcpack go to where you put the file, press the file and then it will automatically put it in your resources packs and open mc


After extracting the folder. You will need to go to C Drive Users (YourUser)/ AppData/ Local/ Packages/ Microsoft.MinecraftUWP (blabla)/ LocalState/ games/ com.mojang/ resourcepacks

and put the folder you extracted there.

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