+ Improved Signs

+ Improved Sign Variations

Created By: KingGames301



Default Signs - (Minecrafts Texture)

Clean Signs - (Smoother Texture)

More Clean Signs - (Even Smoother Texture)

Bald Signs - (Completely Smooth Texture) - Idea From AnanasBedrock59

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v 1.0.0 - [06/30/23] First Release

(Re-Texture: Most Signs - (4 Variations of Each) - 

  • Default Signs - (Minecrafts Basic Texture Pack)
  • Clean Signs - (Smoother Texture Pack Removing Some Pixels)
  • More Clean Signs - (Even Smoother Texture Pack Removing + More Pixels)
  • Bald Signs - (Completely Smooth Texture Pack Removing All Pixels From Face)

Plans To Add The rest of the Signs, Hanging Signs in Next Update (v1.1)

Acacia sign, Acacia hanging sign, Cherry sign, Cherry hanging sign, Crimson sign, Crimson hanging sign, Jungle sign, Jungle hanging sign, Dark_Oak sign, Dark_Oak hanging sign, Mangrove sign, Mangrove hanging sign, Oak sign, Oak hanging sign, Birch sign, Birch hanging sign, Spruce sign, Spruce hanging sign, Warped sign, Warped hanging sign


v 1.0.5 - Second Release

(Re-Texture: Sign UI Interfaces to match all - (4 Variations of Each) - 

No New Features Yet Just Small Page Updates


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