Published on January 28, 2020 (Updated on April 03, 2020)

Fast-Foods Add-On (+Restaurant Map)

It's an add-on who adds fast-foods. Yummy ! With this add-on you can roleplay in a restaurant map with your friends or alone if you have no friends to play with them.

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Added .zip file for the MCPEDL app and removed the .mcaddon and .mcworld file for the MCPEDL app


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You use Minecraft Addons Maker right?
I haven’t played it yet but I will play it by bedrock launcher so I can change versions
I have this addon and want to know, did you change the door sounds? One of my 11 resource packs changed the sound and I don’t know what it is.
by self checking, no. this pack did not change the door sound. Good Pack!
Bruh the Download .zip file is some completely different addon pls fix this
Hey this may sound weird lol mostly because it is but I'm a gaming youtuber who hopes to make it big and I want to use this add on or map in my world to go on a date with one of my friends lol that sounds weird but would it be ok if I make a video with your add on or map in it? I'll give you credit in the comments and description of the video
works perfectly
I have this add-on

I need to use this add-on in my world

Will you allow me to use it?

I am about to upload my world in mcpedl

I hope you allow me
Its not working
this doesn't work for me :( I used the /function command and the /give command! please fix this :(
You have to turn on the ‘experimental’ button in world settings.
Guest-9675960183 May 13, 2020 at 6:38 am
Next update: coke, fanta, dr.pepper and kfc chicken
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Are these added?
Guest-3511605978 May 04, 2020 at 3:16 am
You now what you have the greatest addon on your hand food
Thanks also i am trying to update it
it's not working for me I have the behavior pack and experimental gameplay on and used the /give command how do I fix this
What Minecraft edition do play with ?
I know this!!
It is made in Minecraft Addons Maker!!
I have that app too!
And I know it because I know the given textures
In reality, I use Addon Maker for Minecraft PE because i don't know how to code but the textures are 100% made by me
I'm having problems using this addon... help me out, please! Tried using the /give command and the function pack, no dice!
Did you enabled the experimental gameplay ?