Published on August 22, 2021 (Updated on August 21, 2021)

(AN) Find The Button | New Adventure In The World Minecraft

Find The Button map named "Find The Button | Adventure in The World Minecraft" created by ammar and nata. Here there are: 5 levels with different difficulties, gacha systems, hints, and more!!

Hi, I'm Ammar. This time I will give you my map. 
This map was made by me (Ammar) and my friend (Nata)

Here are many interesting features you know.. Namely: 

1. Warp Lobby 
You can Teleport to the lobby by throwing Snowball 

2. Gacha 
You can do Gacha using "Gacha Key" which you can get at various levels... With Gacha you can get Score 

3. Hint
You can buy Hints using the Score you get from Gacha.. Hint prices will vary depending on the difficulty

4. Simple Infinite Parkour 
You can play unlimited parkour, but you have to clear this map first :) 

I also have a photo of the map, as follows: 

This is the lobby, early when you guys opened this map, here is the start NPC, gacha, rules, and creator 


This is the first level you must complete. It's ruminating medieval house 


After completing the first level. You will automatically teleport to level two. It has a jungle theme here 



The third level finds rice fields and dairy farms There's a cool windmill here too!


Level four, you're being brought to the snow zone. Here is an iglo and campfire You can also enter the iglo 


Fifth level or final level ensure Here you are in a very beautiful cave.


If you finish all the levels, you'll be teleported to this place

And good luck with the parkour

» Ammar (Commander) 
» Nata (Builder)

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» Ammar (Raikif) 

Terms and conditions
1⟩ Don't Re-upload This Map Anywhere!! 
2⟩ This Map Only Available In MCPEDL.. 
3⟩ If you want to create YouTube content with this map, please give this MCPEDL map link in your description.. 
4⟩ Don't Forget To Credit This Map Maker!. 

Thank you for downloading, and happy playing...Enjoyyy

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