Fixed Invisible Bow And Crossbow Glitch!

This resource pack fixes a visual glitch that involves the bow and the crossbow. when you enter the nether with either of them enchanted, they would become invisible. now I fixed that bug in this resource pack, but there's a catch. I had to remove the enchantment glint from both of them

If you're a bedrock player, you may know about the annoying visual bug that has to do with an enchanted bow and crossbow. If you want that to be fixed, then you came to the right place! This resource pack patches that annoying bug. But at a cost, removes the enchantment glint from them. Everything else will still have the enchantment glint, but these won't. Below is a brief comparison of the glitch before and after with both the bow and the crossbow.


Bow Before


Bow After



Crossbow Before


Crossbow After



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Fixed a bug where the bow wouldn't render normally.


Fixed the invisible crossbow glitch!!


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When will you update this pack for 1.17?
Thanks for this amazing pack! But can update the bows texture with 1.17's texture? Thank you.
Princessfluffybutt44 May 18, 2021 at 9:07 pm
your a legend thank u very much now i can one shot a ghast:)
also do you know how to fix this glitch?
i tried view bobbing off but in my offhand the shield is still moving around instead of being steady
*fix the bobbing glitch
i mean like i turned off view bobbing but my offhand shield is still moving(its not a part of the pack its somehow a glitch in vanilla bedrock)
Thanks Man You Are Absoulute Legend!!!!
And yeah heres my rating 👇👇
Thank You! That really means alot ❤️
yes this is a glitch that has not been fixed until now, even though I have reported it. This glitch also occurs on crosbow. Does this package work on crosbow too?
Oh I wasn't aware that this glitch happened with the crossbow. I will try to fix this as well. :)
Okay, you are welcome
I have fixes the crossbow issue. The Resource pack should be updated by tomorrow!
Oh I wasn't aware that the glitch happened with the crossbow. I will try to fix that as well. :)
thanks i've been waiting for this