Published on March 08, 2019 (Updated on March 28, 2020)

FlaviusFire's Function Pack 1

By now I’m sure y’all know about the (somewhat) new feature of function packs, right? Well, if you’ve ever wanted to grant yourself automatic kits, play with creepers, or instantly build towers all the way up to the top of the world from where you are, search no longer! This function pack allows you to do all of that and more!

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Updated the link for users of the mobile app per MCPEDL's request.



  • Function_Pack_1.mcpack

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Are you fake updating this?
No... I didn't actually update the addon itself, I just updated the page to make sure everyone knows it works in 1.12, because otherwise people start asking if it does.
For anybody who asks, the shader looks to be Chocapic Shaders.
Does this work with beta??
Just to note, this does work with 1.12.0. I forgot to update the compatible version number.
Do we also get this amazing shaders pack that you have in the picture and if we do then where did you get the shaders pack. It would be amazing to use
The shader I used for the screenshots is not currently working anymore, and was only on Windows 10 edition anyway.
What's a function pack? Is it another term for behaviour packs? Or is there a slight difference?
What he (^^^) said. It works like a behavior pack that basically just lets you add custom commands.
No it is essentially a way to run multiple commands at once with on command. Let’s say I want to give my self 3 different effects. I would normally have to do /effect 1 /effect 2 /effect 3 and so on but with a function I can type /function give_effects , and it would automatically run all 3 commands fro the desired effects.
this is amazing your link is corrupt
How do you do stuff like this?
It's a little hard to explain, if you're interested rename the part of the file that says ".mcpack" ".zip" and you can look at all the files on in the inside.
Could you make a world edit function pack? I have no idea how these work so if I sound like an idiot saying that then sorry.
That would be great! I can do function packs, but I have no idea how to make shapes appear next to you.
Hey, Now That's What I'm Working On, I Might Upload It As An Alpha But It Will Be Very Glitchy, Although It Does Work
amazing and no i dont need the shader XD
I believe the shader pack I used for the screenshots is the Chocapic Shader pack which isn't or is no longer available on MCPEDL.

Here's a link:
what shaders are you using? is that available for v
What shader
What's the Shaders Pack?