Published on January 12, 2022

Non-Euclidean Hallway

This Minecraft world is just a hallway, a hallway that runs in a loop. Or does it? See if you can reach the end! This is a little experimental map I made to test how well non-Euclidean creations could work. The world is locked to Adventure mode, but should you desire, feel free to switch to Creative and fly out and see the commands I used. I optimized everything as well as I felt I could, let me know if and how I can improve the design! I'd like to maybe make a longer map with this system in the future.


  • NonEuclidean_Hallway.mcworld (30.05 KB)

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Just ray-tracing, the texture pack I use is Kelly's RTX
It is a great map demonstrating how Non Euclidean Geometry can be shown in minecraft, the teleport commands are not what i would personally use to make a map like this one, for a more seamless Transition You should look into using the /clone command to rather change the actual structure instead of the players position. Hope this helps for you to make a better system for a full map otherwise pretty damn cool!
That is a fantastic suggestion, thank you so much!!