Published on April 19, 2022 (Updated on October 08, 2023)

Forsaken Odyssey (v1.14.30)

Discover and explore the world of wilderness and abandonment. Rebuild the ruins with new building blocks. Enhance your survival skills with new items. And meet the new creatures to your journey!

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Version: 1.14.30

New Additional & Changes


  • Updated for compatibility for Minecraft version 1.20.32.


  • Corrupted Forest - improved surface terrain by adding more environmental features.
  • Corrupted Forest fog was adjusted.


  • Added Corrupted Troot
  • Added Mossman

Magma Golem:

  • Fixed the navigation under the lava.
  • Spawning rate in Nether is decreased.


  • Added Corrupted Shrine
  • Added Pile of Corrupted Grass Bale (3 variants)
  • Added Pile of Moss Sprouts Bale (3 variants)
  • Abandoned Desert House now have a unique and randomized loot set.
  • Abandoned Jungle House now have a unique and randomized loot set.
  • Abandoned Plains House now have a unique and randomized loot set.
  • Abandoned Savanna House now have a unique and randomized loot set.
  • Abandoned Taiga House now have a unique and randomized loot set.
  • Fixed the missing loot on Abandoned Badlands Chapel.


  • Added Blooming Corrupted Tree
  • Added Corrupted Stone Patch
  • Added Corrupted Fossil Patch
  • Added Corrupted Roots Bush
  • Added Pile of Corrupted Stone (12 variants)
  • Added Hanging Moss generation in Mossy Trees.
  • Glow Lichen vegetation rates are decreased.
  • Mossy Cobblestone Pile - can now also generate in Mangrove Swamp.
  • Fixed the Bamboo vegetation in Overgrown Jungle.
  • Fixed the Melon vegetation in Overgrown Jungle.
  • Fixed the Double Grass vegetation in Overgrown Jungle.


  • Added Hanging Moss
  • Added Blooming Corrupted Sapling
  • Added Corrupted Leaves
  • Added Corrupted Dirt Fossil
  • Added Corrupted Stone
  • Added Corrupted Stone Fossil
  • Added Corrupted Stone Slab
  • Added Corrupted Stone Stairs
  • Added Polished Corrupted Stone
  • Added Polished Corrupted Stone Slab
  • Added Polished Corrupted Stone Stairs
  • Added Corrupted Stone Bricks
  • Added Corrupted Stone Bricks Slab
  • Added Corrupted Stone Bricks Stars
  • Added Cracked Corrupted Stone Bricks
  • Added Chiseled Corrupted Stone
  • Added Corrupted Stone Pillar
  • Added Corrupted Stone Lantern
  • Added Corrupted Stone Soul Lantern
  • Added Corrupted Stone Bricks Lantern
  • Added Corrupted Stone Bricks Soul Lantern
  • Added Wooden Corrupted Lamp
  • Added Wooden Corrupted Lantern
  • Added Wooden Mossy Lamp
  • Added Wooden Mossy Lantern
  • Added Wooden Overgrown Jungle Lamp
  • Added Wooden Overgrown Jungle Lantern


  • Added 2 new Golden Nugget recipe by smelting the Bell.
  • Added 1 new Corrupted Sapling recipe using Blooming Corrupted Sapling.
  • Added 1 new Moss Block recipe using Hanging Moss.
  • Added 2 new Bone recipe.


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This mod is absolutely amazing but right now in minecraft 1.20.41 it only works on xbox worlds it dosent work on xbox realms, Pc realms or pc worlds
The addon does not work in version 1.20.41 :(
You did this, PERFECTLY. I can only think of one idea. Make random biomes appear like the D34D biome.
Nico you're not a kid
*Dramatic Silence*
Haahhahaahaahhahshaah bro u genius
As of rn (1.20.40) most forest assets are corrupted :< any idea on when this might be fixed?
What really sucks is how Mojang keeps breaking mods. Textures seem to be missing (Mainly corrupted forest so far) which is a shame because I really love this mod.
Alright my final discovery.
I started a new world, with just Forsaken added, then uploaded it to a Realm slot and everything showed up.

The mod seems to work effertlessly when uploaded to a realm.

In singleplayer, there seem to be quite a few textures missing.

Overall I am running this on my Realm server now :D
I take back what i said.

This mod and all its textures seem to work for me, and only me alone on a Realm server.
For everybody else, its like the singleplayer experience, where almost half the textures are missing.

I have no idea how to fix this.

As its stands, i cannot run this pack in singleplayer or multiplayer. Due texturs being missing.
Especcially Grassed textures, Stone Golem, Snow Golem, Rat and Rat curser

I hopoe this gets fixed.
Its so close to being perfect and running on my server.

I am waiting in anticipation-
On my post below you can kinda follow along, how i kinda got Forsaken to work on my Realm server.

Nico, if you are reading this, i hope my input helps figure out what was wrong.
As it seems to me, that the Forsaken pack i downloaaded was connected to all your mods, but didnt import them into the world.
After going back and re-adding all of them individualy, i was succesful in norrowing down my texture loss, to about 10 blocks.

After all of that, i decided to just upload the world to my realm slot and, low and behold.
Everything shows up.
All the textures.

I havent played much in the world. But as of now, i have no textures that are missing.
Hey Nico!

Thank you so much for your dedication to creating such spectacular mods!
Me and my friends have been using a few of your packs and just discovered this compilation and would absolutely adore t oplay it on our Realm.

I sadly cant get the Resource Pack to import correctly.

i have tried to un-zip, zip it up agian and changed the extension from .zip to .mcaddon. But with no success.

My error code says that there is no valid archive.

Im looking forward to hearing back from you, on how we maybe can resolve this isssue.

We need more mod creators like you.
Playing this pack on my realm would be so freaken cool!
Should i remove all previous Nico Packs, before trying to install again?
The Behavoir pack imported quite well.
But the resource pack is still giving me problems
I have gotten the resoucre pack to import correctly.
How it finally imported, i dont know.

Otherwise most things seem to be functioning, except certain textures concerning Birch Logs and other Fauna.

I hope this helps and we can figure out how to get this running!

Thanks again for the investment.
It us much appreciated!
Bug Report:

I have started a fresh world and one by one, added some of your other mods.

This is what i have discovered.
I re-added

1; Lamps & Lanterns (v1.5) (That clearned up most of the lamp textures

2: Keys & Crates (v1.5) (This brought the loot crate textures back)

3: Nico's Block Expansion (v1.7) (Finally some of the Fauna started appearing again)

4: Nico's Cave Expansion (v1.3) (This broiught back limestone and various other textures)

5: Mythical Biomes (v1.4) (Finally all the corrupted textures show up)

Mobs with no textures:
Snow Golem, Corrupted Rat, Cobbled Deepslate Golem, Rat Curserer, Rat, Miner Skeleton, Elder Golem.
6: Wood Cutter (woodcutter reapears)

7: Nico's More Mineshaft (v1.3) (Miner Skeleton Textures are back)

So far most of the things have regained their textures.

Im still struggling with the Grassed texture blocks from the Block expansion and i handful of mob still dontÄt have their skins available.

But they all seem to come from More Dungeons.
Ill put that and block expansion at the top.

I have tried various load orders with no success.
Im still missing the rats and their bosses teaxtures.

Combined with all the grassed blocks and Brute Flesh- Thiose are the textures. That i am still missing.
What i have discovered so far:

I've downloaded Forsaken and one by one added Nico's AddOns, that i downloaded from PCPedl.

The crazy discovery was that, multiple textures didnt show in my Singleplayer world. But as soon as i uploaded it to a new Realm slot, it functioned.

I can confirm, after alot of trail and error, all the mods worl together in a Realm Server,

More testing has to be done, but as off now.
I dont seem to be missing any textures.

Thank you Nico, for making such detailed posts about all your mods.
With enough time, i was able to figure out the missing links.
this mod is fvck up. i try many time to install it, but alway missing texture
You're the best you've created the best addon which is simple and beautiful, I haven't found any errors and I don't know why people talk sh*t I imagine they're still looking for tutorials in yt to install addons
Did it correctly import for you when you launched the .mcaddon files?
I cant get the resource pack to import correctly.
The Ressource Pack file fails to import on either of the files (zip file or direct download), it's sad 'cause i wanted to test it with a friend, i hope you fix the file soon
man, its not hard, learn how to make mods, your textures are more messed up than your moms hole, fix this bullshit, come back, reupload it as a working b pack and r pack, and bam, there you go, its not hard, if you don't fix it, I'm fixing it, rebranding it, and selling it as my own pack
I'm assuming that you already know that Mojang messed up many mods for creators. You prob look like Eric Cartman in the dnd episode irl. Also you're an orphan prob why you jealous of his mom.
Nicest way I could say this without AI flagging me
bruh be patience
Im sure you know this already but just in case the textures are not working. Great mod though. I use it in all my worlds
If you merge the zip file and the mcaddon file the addon textures work. but both separate dont work you have to merge them
resource pack is not working for me. It is saying failed to import, not a valid zip archive. I'm using the Mcpack
Try unzip the file and then compress it again and change the file extension.
The last comment he posted here.