Published on April 19, 2022 (Updated on January 01, 2023)

Forsaken Odyssey (v1.11) - Cave Update: Part IV

Discover and explore the world of wilderness and abandonment. Rebuild the ruins with new building blocks. Enhance your survival skills with new items. And meet the new creatures to your journey!

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Version: 1.11

(Cave Update: Part IV)

New Additional:


  • Added Mosshroom Cave
  • Added Mushroom Cave


  • Added Moss Shroom
  • Added Mossy Skeleton
  • Added Myceling


  • Added Oak Wood Mineshaft
  • Added Spruce Wood Mineshaft
  • Added Ancient Mineshaft


  • Added Limestone Patch
  • Added Marble Patch
  • Added Tin Ore Patch
  • Added Zinc Ore Patch
  • Added Prismarine Ore Patch
  • Added Fossil Patch
  • Added Huge Mosshroom
  • Added Huge Mushroom with Shroomlight
  • Added Mosshroom Bush
  • Added Moss Berry Plant Vegetation
  • Added Mosshroom Fungus Vegetation
  • Added Moss Sprouts Vegetation
  • Added Mycelium Sprouts Vegetation


  • Added Moss Berry Plant
  • Added Mosshroom Fungus
  • Added Moss Sprouts
  • Added Mycelium Sprouts
  • Added Mosshroom Block
  • Added Mosshroom Light
  • Added Mosshroom Stem
  • Added Stripped Mosshroom Stem
  • Added Mosshroom Hyphae
  • Added Stripped Mosshroom Hyphae
  • Added Mosshroom Planks
  • Added Mycelium Deepslate
  • Added Limestone
  • Added Polished Limestone
  • Added Marble
  • Added Polished Marble
  • Added Stone Fossil
  • Added Deepslate Fossil
  • Added Prismarine Ore
  • Added Deepslate Prismarine Ore
  • Added Tin Ore
  • Added Deepslate Tin Ore
  • Added Zinc Ore
  • Added Deepslate Zinc Ore
  • Added Block of Raw Tin
  • Added Block of Raw Zinc
  • Added Block of Tin
  • Added Block of Zinc
  • Added Block of Bronze
  • Added Block of Brass


  • Added Moss Berry
  • Added Moss Berry Pie
  • Added Mosshroom Stew
  • Added Raw Tin
  • Added Tin Ingot
  • Added Tin Nugget
  • Added Tin Helmet
  • Added Tin Chestplate
  • Added Tin Legging
  • Added Tin Boots
  • Added Tin Sword
  • Added Tin Axe
  • Added Tin Pickaxe
  • Added Tin Shovel
  • Added Tin Hoe
  • Added Raw Zinc
  • Added Zinc Ingot
  • Added Zinc Nugget
  • Added Zinc Helmet
  • Added Zinc Chestplate
  • Added Zinc Leggings
  • Added Zinc Boots
  • Added Zinc Sword
  • Added Zinc Axe
  • Added Zinc Pickaxe
  • Added Zinc Shovel
  • Added Zinc Hoe
  • Added Copper & Tin Ingot
  • Added Copper & Zinc Ingot
  • Added Bronze IngoAdded Bronze Nugget
  • Added Bronze Helmet
  • Added Bronze Chestplate
  • Added Bronze Leggings
  • Added Bronze Boots
  • Added Bronze Sword
  • Added Bronze Axe
  • Added Bronze Pickaxe
  • Added Bronze Shovel
  • Added Bronze Hoe
  • Added Brass Ingot
  • Added Brass Nugget
  • Added Brass Helmet
  • Added Brass Chestplate
  • Added Brass Leggings
  • Added Brass Boots
  • Added Brass Sword
  • Added Brass Axe
  • Added Brass Pickaxe
  • Added Brass Shovel
  • Added Brass Hoe


  • Added 40 new recipes using Mosshroom Planks.
  • Added 26 new recipes using Mosshroom Stem & Mosshroom Hyphae.
  • Added 12 new charcoal recipes by furnacing the new Hyphae & Stem.
  • Added Mycelium recipe using Mycelium Sprouts.


Changes & Fixing:


  • Hostile mobs will no longer target your passive tamed mobs.
  • Seated golems are now immovable.
  • Brown & Red Shroom - wild shrooms will take a nap at day time.
  • Brown & Red Shroom - can now be leashed.
  • Brown & Red Shroom - tamed shrooms will now drop a small mushroom randomly.
  • Brown & Red Shroom - fixed the untamed new born baby Shroom for being tamed.
  • Brown & Red Shroom - retextured to spot the different between untamed and tamed shroom.
  • Cave Dweller - can now break doors.
  • Cave Dweller - will now avoid the Warden.
  • Cave Dweller - will no longer route on sculk blocks.
  • Cave Wolf - tamed Cave Wolf will no longer target your other tamed mob once you attack it.
  • Cave Wolf - fixed the baby Cave Wolf behavior priority.
  • Cave Wolf - untamed Cave Wolf will no longer route on sculk blocks.
  • Clurve - will no longer trigger the sculk blocks.
  • Cobblestone Golem - reduced the knockback resistance.
  • Corrupted Wood Corpse - fixed the leash position.
  • Crates Trader - changed the animation and geometry model.
  • Crates Trader - will now avoid and will no longer route on sculk blocks.
  • Deepslate Golem - reduced the mass amount from being seated and standed.
  • Dire Bat - can now be leashed.
  • Enchanter Apprentice - movement value is decreased.
  • Enchanter Apprentice - will no longer get triggered by other illager's attack.
  • Enchanter Apprentice - will no longer route on sculk blocks.
  • Forest Guardian - can now naturally target all the Illager mobs, including Cursed Book and Vex.
  • Giant Moa - fixed the untamed new born baby Moa for being tamed.
  • Giant Moa - tamed Moa will no longer despawn or disappear from the distance.
  • Jellfish - they can now obtain using a Water Bucket instead of Empty Bucket.
  • Jellfish - will no longer be leashed.
  • Mossheep - they can now breed using the Tall Moss Sprouts.
  • Prismarine Clam - they can now obtain using a Water Bucket instead of Empty Bucket.
  • Prismarine Clam - changed the interaction sound.
  • Overgrown Jungle Troot - spawn rate is decreased.
  • Overgrown Jungle Troot - untamed Troot will now despawning from the distance.
  • Skeleton Warriors - will now burn on daylight.
  • Skeleton Warriors - will now avoid the Sculk Sensor & Sculk Shrieker.
  • Sparrow - will no longer be leashed.
  • Squirrel - Fixed the breeding of Squirrel.
  • Squirrel - increased the scale size of baby Squirrel.
  • Wandering Collectors - will now avoid and will no longer route on sculk blocks.


  • Fixed the bug where the Abandoned Lumberjack House could not spawn or generate.
  • Abandoned Cave House generating chance is decreased.
  • Abandoned Cave Library generating chance is decreased.


  • Grass Patch (Underground) generating chance is decreased.
  • Mycelium Patch (Underground) generating chance is decreased.


  • Increased the block friction of the custom blocks (the speed when you running or walk at the top of the block), to match the friction speed of the Vanilla's block.
  • Lush Grass, Corrupted Bush, Moss Sprouts, Mossy Plant, & Overgrown Jungle Plant will now produce a sound when it get fertilized.
  • Lush Grass can now be placed on top of any mossed & grassed woods.
  • Corrupted Bush & Grass can now be placed on top of the Moss Block, Podzol, Mossed Woods, Grassed Woods, & Muddy Mangrove Roots.
  • Grassed & Mossed woods will now produce a sound when you clearing them using a hoe.
  • Corrupted, Mossy, & Overgrown woods will now produce a sound when it get stripped.


  • Copper Tools - durability is decreased from "189" to "160".
  • Copper Axe - can now efficiently dig the Barrel, Bed, Bee Nest, Beehive, Mangrove Roots, Smithing Table, Pumpkin, Carved Pumpkin, & Jack o'Lantern.
  • Copper Axe - will no longer efficiently dig the Glow Lichen.
  • Copper Pickaxe - can now efficiently dig the Rails, End Rod, Iron Bars, Mob Spawner, Dragon Egg, & Stone Button.
  • Copper Pickaxe - will no longer efficiently dig the Respawn Anchor.
  • Copper Shovel - can now efficiently dig the Mud & the Muddy Mangrove Roots.


  • Changed all of the blocks geometry filename.
  • Changed all of the entities geometry and texture filename.
  • Shortened all the filenames of the structures, so they can easily identified & type in command.
  • Rearranged all of the Item's component.
  • Changed the structure name of "Enchanter Library House" to "Enchanter Library".
  • Changed the structure name of "Ancient Fortress" to "Ancient Fort".
  • Changed the structure name of "Ancient Garrison" to "Ancient Vex Fort".
  • Changed the structure name of "Pillager Barracks" to "Illager Fort".
  • Changed the structure name of "Pillager Garrison" to "Illager Garrison".
  • Changed the structure name of "Abandoned Watchtower" to "Wooden Watchtower".
  • Changed the structure name of "Wooden Skull" to "Wooden Skull Post".


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Pls Update for 1.9.70
For some reason the chest/barrels in the structures aren't giving any loot. If theres anytime you can try to update this to the latest version please. Its such a good mod/addon
crates are breaking open and providing loot for me
any plans to update this amazing addon pack?
It appears, to me, that adding anything else after starting this, makes the new textures on his addon revert to pink/black. I've tried changing the load order, to no avail.
When you first open and run the add-on everything seems to work fine, but you relog/load you then seem to have texture issues. Strangely this does not happen to people in console, and is a PC issue for some textures/items.

Most of this can be solved by downloading and adding the resource packs of the other mods individually; but of note those related to the Block Expansion and Mythical Biomes do not resolve the issue, and the add-ons themselves seem to have texture issues.

The tin tools/ores/alloys etc added here seem to also have issues loading textures. Whereas those from the aforementioned add-ons appear with the untextured purple/black, the things added here specifically appear completely blank for everyone on any platform.

Otherwise the mod works well, and is enjoyable, thank you for this add-on!
Does it work for realms or a custom server like aternos? because i tired to add this addon for a custom Aternos server and nothing spawns.
Has considerado hacer un grupo de discord para ver mas facil los bug report y recibir sujerencias de la comunidad?
Super good! but theres one issue, and it might be a realm thing, but when i go into an abondened area it always got loot but when i go on a realm world, theres no loot/items in the barrels or chests
everything is too rare bro
jarra de galletas!!!
this mod needs an update to work on 1.19.60 because the biomes for this mod are not showing
revisa bien los experimentales, a mi hasta me sirve en aternos
Pleaseeee upload to 1.19.60 version
New stuff get purple and pink after restarting the map a few times.
Map completely broken. Is there a way to fix this?
I've been having the same issue.
Download the resource packs and add them, from his other add-ons, this should resolve some of the texture issues
New ores doesn't spawn naturally and crates doesn't give off loot :/
The crate keys work for me (iron/gold/diamond) and for the wooden boxes a flint axe works (right-clicking on PC). The ores are spawning on my server on an existing world. Are you sure it installed correctly? I installed the update and I had some files/folders missing. I manually copied the contents of the .mcpack file into my world's BP/RP folders and it is working really well!
This comment has been removed
I have opened all of the experimental features and it still doesn't work, I'm on mobile and my ver is 1.19.50. Idk why it doesn't work for me
Ok nvm the ores generate but it's hella rare tho, don't know if it's supposed to be like that but
In my opinion, this is by far the best addon for Bedrock. It stays very true to vanilla in terms of difficulty. So many mobs are added, cool things to find, fun animals to tame. There is something here for everyone and it has really enhanced our playthrough. There is a current bug with a couple missing textures but I believe the author is working on a fix. Someone posted about a bug in the mineshafts, but I personally have not experienced that. When you find a mineshaft they are absolutely enormous and so fun to explore, especially with the new mobs spawning in.

10/10 love this addon!