Published on May 19, 2022 (Updated on June 02, 2022)

Nico's Mobs (v1.1)

This mod will add new mobs that can spawn naturally your world. Each mob had different abilities & unique loots. Some mob can be tamed and other very dangerous. Mobs are designed to match the vanilla style of Minecraft.

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Version: 1.1

New Additional


  • Added Forest Guardian
  • Added Sparrow
  • Added Squirrel


  • Added Squirrel Hide
  • Added Raw Squirrel
  • Added Cooked Squirrel


  • Added new Leather recipe using 4 Squirrel Hide.


  • Added new trade - 5 Squirrel Hide for 1 Emerald in Wandering Collector trades.
  • Added new trade - 5 Raw Squirrel for 1 Emerald in Wandering Collector trades.

Changes & Fixing

  • Changed the recipe file path that causing mod to not working on Window/Xbox.
  • Enchanter Apprentice and Cursed Book will attack the Forest Guardian.
  • Cursed Scarecrow will no longer attack the villager & other animals.
  • Increased Giant Moa attack damage from "2" to "5".
  • Decreased Wandering Collector spawn rate.
  • Changed Mud Cube, Sand Cube, & Snow Cube geometry.
  • Changed the Mud Soil light absorption from "1" to "15".
  • Fixed the error that causes the other blocks to be missing in the Minecraft v1.19.


Supported Minecraft versions

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Es un exelente complemento pero me eh dado cuenta de un pequeño detalle, no es un problema como tal, y esque cuando una espada está encantada y tiene el aspecto de fuego la carne del jabalí no sale cocinada. Cómo mencioné anteriormente es un detalle pequeño pero estaría genial que lo corrigieran, dejando ésto de lado las texturas de las turbas lucen bastante geniales como si fueran del Minecraft vanila, aparte de que no se aleja mucho de esa esencia
funciona perfectamente, sin ningún problema, como fue demostrado, en los ejemplos, aquí.


lo probé en la 1.19.10 y sin ningún problema, no lo se, si eso importa, pero, ahí dejo el dato

queda bien, como complemento, del mod, de "Abandoned & Ruin Structures (v1.2)", que lo hizo, el mismo creador, de este mod. ahí dejo mi sugerencia.

sobre referente al mod, todo bien 🛐
It's quite impressive how much stuff is in this addon
Paweł Podgórski July 19, 2022 at 6:30 pm
Fyfupvoyct września doyvpkbohcitcitc yvoh
Paweł Podgórski July 19, 2022 at 6:30 pm
Maybe you can changethe skeleton with full iron from "Skeleton Swordman" to a better name like "Skeleton Knight" still this addon is 5/5
Its more pleasing when both words start with the same letter. im pretty sure that is why they named it that.
its better to use Ghouling ghosts than spooky ghosts as a name
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ayo no promoting plz
first, Who cares!?!?! this is obviously a scam. Second, thats all, who cares...
Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?
Hello, is it ok that I use 3 mobs from your mod "Nicos Mobs" for my mod? This mod is not provided for download and is intended to be added to my server, which is only accessible with my consent. If you agree, I will provide a link to your original mod on my server.
why not just edit the files to remove the other mobs. and if you are planning to change the description keep the authors name. he said as long as you give noticable credit then you can showcase it wherever without the direct mediafire link.
problem solved :)
Could increase the damage of the moa to 7 instead of two since they are giant birds, thanks.
Linkveres dont work for me can you change to media fire or something
Change your browser, I don't even have to wait to click the link on my
Os morcegos ficam invisíveis pra mim, é muito difícil eu sobreviver em uma caverna por causa disso 😢
The buckets will disappear when you try and grab a jellyfish or clam and won’t get them in the bucket