Nico's Mobs (v1.3)

This mod will add new mobs that can spawn naturally your world. Each mob had different abilities & unique loots. Some mob can be tamed and other very dangerous. Mobs are designed to match the vanilla style of Minecraft.

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Version: 1.3

New Additional


  • Added Cave Wolf
  • Added Clurve
  • Added Deepslate Golem
  • Added Sculk Walker


  • Added Enchanted Emerald
  • Added Raw Clurve Flesh
  • Added Cooked Clurve Flesh

Changes & Fixing


  • Updated and fixed to get compatible for Minecraft version 1.19.40.


  • Cave Dweller may now drop an Emerald.
  • Cave Scorpion spawning is improved.
  • Cursed Book can attack the player's tamed mob, but not include the vanilla's tamable mobs.
  • Cursed Scarecrow will no longer generate bubbles on water.
  • Enchanter Apprentice may now drop an Enchanted Emerald instead of Emerald.
  • Firefly spawn rate is increased.
  • Forest Guardian spawn rate is decreased.
  • Prismarine Clam may now drop Experience Orbs on death.
  • Wandering Collector spawn rate is decreased.
  • Cobblestone Golem spawn rate is decreased.
  • Mossy Cobblestone Golem spawn rate is decreased.
  • Changed the taming item of Cobblestone & Mossy Cobblestone Golem to Enchanted Emerald.
  • Decreased the collision box of both the Cobblestone Golem.


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Is this compatible with realms?
I also have forsaken oddysey in there, so would this be an issue to also have?
TanqrJoeJaydenXDBRO November 26, 2022 at 9:17 am
Cool mod Nico
This comment has been removed
works with version
Es un exelente complemento pero me eh dado cuenta de un pequeño detalle, no es un problema como tal, y esque cuando una espada está encantada y tiene el aspecto de fuego la carne del jabalí no sale cocinada. Cómo mencioné anteriormente es un detalle pequeño pero estaría genial que lo corrigieran, dejando ésto de lado las texturas de las turbas lucen bastante geniales como si fueran del Minecraft vanila, aparte de que no se aleja mucho de esa esencia
funciona perfectamente, sin ningún problema, como fue demostrado, en los ejemplos, aquí.


lo probé en la 1.19.10 y sin ningún problema, no lo se, si eso importa, pero, ahí dejo el dato

queda bien, como complemento, del mod, de "Abandoned & Ruin Structures (v1.2)", que lo hizo, el mismo creador, de este mod. ahí dejo mi sugerencia.

sobre referente al mod, todo bien 🛐
It's quite impressive how much stuff is in this addon
Paweł Podgórski July 19, 2022 at 6:30 pm
Fyfupvoyct września doyvpkbohcitcitc yvoh
Paweł Podgórski July 19, 2022 at 6:30 pm
Maybe you can changethe skeleton with full iron from "Skeleton Swordman" to a better name like "Skeleton Knight" still this addon is 5/5
Its more pleasing when both words start with the same letter. im pretty sure that is why they named it that.
its better to use Ghouling ghosts than spooky ghosts as a name
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ayo no promoting plz
first, Who cares!?!?! this is obviously a scam. Second, thats all, who cares...