Nico's Mobs (v1.8)

This add-on will add new mobs that can spawn naturally in your world. Each mob had different abilities and unique loot. Some mobs can be tamed, and others are very dangerous. Mobs are designed to match the vanilla style of Minecraft.

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Version: 1.8

New Additional & Changes


  • Updated for compatibility with Minecraft version 1.20.60.
  • Improved the mobs behavior towards each other.
  • Fixed the resource pack importing on PCs.
  • Provide more information about the mobs.


  • Added Fire Bird (2 variant)
  • Added Crimson Shroom
  • Added Warped Shroom
  • Added Nether Wisp (2 variant)
  • Most of the mobs will no longer be pathing or routing in the Magma, Lava, Fire, and Soul Fire blocks.
  • Improved the mob spawning in lightening places.
  • Cave Dweller - can now pick up any type of tool and use it as a weapon.
  • Cave Wolf - is now also aggressive toward chicken, wild raven, skeletons, & sparrow. And also fixed the tamed baby cave wolf.
  • Cobblestone Golem - can now breathe through solid blocks.
  • Deepslate Golem - can now breathe through solid blocks.
  • Dire Bat - animation has improved.
  • Forest Guardian - can now also spawn in the Cherry Grove biome.
  • Forest Wisp - can now also spawn in the Mangrove Swamp & Mossy Forest biomes.
  • Giant Moa - spawn rate has decreased in the Forest biome.
  • Magma Golem - spawn rate has decreased in the Nether and will no longer spawn in the Soulsand Valley.
  • Mossy Cobblestone Golem - can now spawn in Swamp, & Windswept Forest biomes. And can now breathe through solid blocks.
  • Mud Cube - can now also spawn in the Mangrove Swamp biome.
  • Raven - can now be healed by feeding them raw or cooked rabbit, squirrel, rat, and any type of berry. And it can now also be tamed by feeding it a cooked rabbit.
  • Shrooms - can no longer patch on magma block.
  • Skeleton Warriors - will now also avoid the wolf and cave wolf.
  • Snow Cube - spawn rate has decreased, and can now also spawn in the Snowy Beach biome.
  • Sparrow - will now also avoid the cave wolf.
  • Squirrel - will now also avoid the cave wolf, raven, & monsters.
  • Warthog - will now avoid the illagers.


  • Added Fire Feather
  • Added Soul Fire Feather
  • Added Fire Bird Egg
  • Added Soul Fire Bird Egg
  • Fixed the bug where water exists in the nether when you place the bucket of jellyfish or the bucket of prismarine clam.


  • Added 2 new Cake recipe.
  • Added 2 new Pumpkin Pie recipe.


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BRO UPDATE FOR 1.20.80 PLSS i love this addon🙏😢
up date 1.20.70???
In the addon there are Mobs like skeletons, maybe it would be great to add one from the same family as the zombies, and another that that is a spider, and maybe another pillager that is like the illusioner
hi, your mod seems to be causing severe lag, is there any way to reduce this?
The enchanter apprentice cannot generate flying books when he is in water or ice, or water with an ice surface, if this could not be fixed, it would be good for him to have another attack with the evoker and the teeth that come out of the ground
cani use mod for mincraft sires
this mod pack is great. one issue though whenever you breed a tamed mob. they're already tamed but don't function fully as tamed mobs they don't follow. listen when you tell them to sit and (still actively attack any mob that they're naturally aggressive to) not sure if that last part is intentional
links aren't working?
I like this mod, so I give it 5 stars.
However, I have some problems, which is why I unfortunately have to remove the mod again.
The Cave Dweller, the Dire Bat, the Enchanter Apprentice with books and all 4 skeletons spawn at any time of day or night. EVERYWHERE. In my house, in my trading hall, stable, warehouse, in EVERY building. Each building is fully furnished and fully lit. Not even the normal Minecraft mobs dare to spawn in it. There isn't even room for anything to spawn and the rooms aren't high either. But the ones mentioned above do. All my librarians were beaten to death, can start again. During rain and thunderstorms, three times as many spawn as usual.
I can imagine that this may be what the creator intended, which is completely fine, but I would have liked a little warning.
As I said, the mod is great, especially the sugar-sweet shrooms (I love the shrooms) and unfortunately I have to do without them now.
Nevertheless, I gave it 5 stars. The mod was fun, there was always something going on. It's just a little warning for anyone who has or is planning to build a trading hall or village.
are all your mods compatible with eachother
These are some crazy suggestions in case you are interested in any
elephants 🐘
Naga-type flying reptile
Some type of crocodile or lizard 🦎 or even snake 🐍 and you could get an item that needs amethyst in its crafting, and its function is to transport this poisonous Mob
Some fantasy monster inspired by dinosaurs 🦖 🦕that appears in forests and plains
Some gray werewolf 🐺
Some kind of fairy 🧚‍♂️ pixie with her Little Houses
Goblins, trolls in the caves
The sand cube, but red sand from the plateau biome
Some hyena in the savannah biome
Some mob characteristic of the cherry / Sakura biome and the mangrove biome
Minotaur, or some mobs from the game mixed with human, to make it a humanoid creature
Cactus cow 🏜
Piranha or a combination of sea snake with piranha
Tengo un problemita con la gema encantada como se consigue oh se hace
Hola, porfavor lee esto, el mod es semi perfecto pero saca al skinwalker y los cubitos yaque no son muy interesantes y tampoco le pegan mucho al estilo del juego, también a los habitantes de las cuevas les podrias hacer su propia aldea en las cuevas y los esqueletos podrias hacerles aparecer en sus propias dungeons yaque no es muy interesante ir encontrándote esqueletos por el mundo asi como asi