Published on September 01, 2022 (Updated on January 07, 2024)

Lamps & Lanterns (v1.7)

This add-on will bring more additional light blocks that can be crafted and use as a decoration for your build. This add-on contains Wooden Lamps, Copper lanterns, and other more varieties of light sources.

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Version: 1.7

New Additional & Changes


  • Updated for compatibility with Minecraft version 1.20.51.


  • Added Basalt Lanterns
  • Added Blackstone Lanterns
  • Added Cracked Polished Blackstone Bricks Lanterns
  • Added Nether Bricks Lanterns
  • Added Polished Blackstone Bricks Lanterns
  • Added Red Nether Bricks Lanterns
  • Added Smooth Basalt Lanterns


Supported Minecraft versions

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Awesome Addon and works very well with other addons even on realms.
Only issue is the regular vanilla lantern texture becomes shifted weirdly even when added to global resources
I would like it to be possible to make lanterns from logs with the bark removed.
Can you make a texture that changes the copper bulb texture to your copper lantern? It looks so much better imo
OneFanMoreOfMinecraft June 18, 2023 at 5:21 pm
Help, i got virus alert what can i do??
Can I translate your work into Chinese? Our players like it very much. I will mark the original author and the link of this page and promise not to make any profit!I sincerely hope you can agree, thank you very much!
If you want to translate, please provide a .lang file for the creator to update, rather than re-posting it in another forum and creating your own link as a download, please respect the work of the creator
NicoTheKids mods are like classics to me now but we need a fruit trees and bushes mod by him.
Does this work in realms (Aternos)?
Not working. i can't show the items in Creative Mode and in command /give and in carfting table!
my minecraft version is 1.19.11
It does say you need to play on 1.19.20 or higher
You might be annoyed at what I'll say but you should give your add-ons the Faithful 32x texture pack support that it definitely deserves!
32x textures a alot harder to make, seeing how it is twice as detailed, so I myself would give the creator some time to consider this. . .
I cannot wax the lamp blocks to prevent them from oxidizing with honey combs
And I cannot scrap off the oxidization on the copper lanterns with an axe, it just emits particles without doing anything, Works fine with the copper lamp blocks though.
Would be nice if you provided a legitimate download link instead of pulling a scamvertise scam like nearly every other uploader here. Get fokked.
OR, get this, you click the "download with MCPEDL" link BELOW the linkvertise ones, and then you get to download it without ads after a delay!

You have no reason to be complaining here. Seriously.
There is another option for people to download packs by making an account, it's a bit slow, but it works
Also the creators on this website did not code Linkvertise so don't only blame them, there was a time Linkvertise actually worked meaning creators got something for their work, and people got their mods/texture packs