Published on September 07, 2019 (Updated on September 26, 2022)


Ever wanted to spice up your Minecraft experience and visit nostalgia?

Well this is the HUD pack for you 
Everything is in the top right including hearts and hunger and bubbles and armor including your XP bar (Still Unfinished)

Select version for changelog:

  • Fixed ability to use both pocket and classic UI
  • Now able to use this in a world or multiplayer with ease
  • Added a modern style to downloads
  • Button at top right(Item rendered) now scrolls the hotbar to the right



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did I miss where it said what each bar was?
deberia poner una opcionpra ajustar el tamaño del hud y poner algo en la segunda barra para que no se quede en blanco, en windows 10 el hud es un poco grande
No he comprobado en esto por un tiempo i debe hacer uno pequeño, pero estoy teniendo algunos problemas en el momento ok
Don't worry, I use Education Edition too.
I like how you used education edition in the image.
I made it in education edition XD
Haven't downloaded yet but I gotta say this is pretty amazing, thanks for even considering this, and I hope you make more videogame HUD in the future. It could be like, your thing, ya know? I haven't seen a good, interesting HUD add-on like this in awhile, honestly.
Aw thank you you and the other commenters made my day
Nice, but on iOS, the hud is too big
I'll try to create a small version after the beta phases
It would be great, that when you have an item it appears instead of the fist. But taking that out of place the pack is good.
greetings from Argentina
That's my goal I hope its possible but I am not completely sure of it
burger with moldycheese September 07, 2019 at 11:30 pm
Is this actually legit? It looks like everything was photoshopped/edited.
I wonder how far this is gonna go
I forgot to say am gonna be reading here too for questions but you'll have better luck using discord