Published on January 21, 2021 (Updated on January 21, 2021)

Half Life 1 - Anomalous Materials Chapter

This map is a slightly refurbished copy of the chapter Anomalous Materials from the wonderful game known as Half Life, this map takes every part of the chapter and adds it with some parts looking much better, it even has a custom texture pack.

The map is a copy of Half Life's Anomalous Materials chapter that takes place close to the start of the game where Gordon Freeman arrives late to work and needs to get into the test chamber.

Reception Desk

Hallway 1

Break Room

Locker Room with names of friends and Freemans locker

Lab Hall 1

Test Lab 1

Anti-Mass Spectrometer

Note: this map does come with a texture pack, you may not use the texture pack for any public maps as this texture pack is being updated and used for another project.

Supported Minecraft versions

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The map is good im uh making the chapter 2 Unforseen consequences.
And the map im using is your map

If it's ok to you that i post it in Mcpedl
I would still give the credits.
Yeah sure go ahead, just please make sure credits are given.
so this map doesnt use texture packs k
It does, read the actual description first.
Make Chapters 1 2 3 4 5 6
Could you make the texture alone to download? I love the audio.
it would be cool if there would be more of this stuff
YOOOO KEEP working on this map I love half life 1 please and also please add half life 1 sound pack to the map to give it the old half life vibe
I am glad you like it, I am going to work on more chapters but I am very uncertain if I am going to continue it in one map, maybe like a pack of chapters then another map with another pack of chapters might work, also I know your concerns about the Half Life textures and how they arent as the totally are in game, I wanted to take a different approach and make a better more sense making Black Mesa with smoother walls and less metal as it made a little less sense, once again I am glad you like it and you will be proud of what else is to come.
Ahhhh this is what i was waiting for