Harold's Woodland Mansion Hide And Seek

Are you looking for an epic hide and seek map to play with your friends! This is the perfect map for you. This mansion has loads of rooms and each room has 1 or more secrets/hiding spots to hide and explore. However this mansion doesn't just include all the normal rooms, there's also a whole nether dimension which has many of spots by itself! There is also a mineshaft with 1 secret, but one very large secret. There are also a set of 'dark rooms' which are what you would think they are, they are fully black rooms with disguised secrets. There is a total 3 of them on each floor, the same goes for the water rooms. Download today to have an absolute blast with your friends while grooving to the epic custom music! (This is a custom resource pack!)

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  • Fixed download link
  • Fixed basic tp issues
  • Fixed music bugs


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Oh no I didnt know someone has already making hide and seek in a mansion. 😕
Sorry dude, I’ve already made 8 of these maps, keep trying and you’ll get there :)