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Published on April 18, 2021

HRE Panoramas

This pack makes the menu background panorama into locations from the HRE SMP realm, currently there are 8 different backgrounds to chose from, 4 are from season one of the realm and 4 are from season 2, even more coming soon!

there are currently 8 different panorama options to chose from, which can all be shown below, also as panoramas are images that spin around the menu in a circle (well technically its a cube made to look like a circle) this is only one section of the image, so the full images will be larger than shown below

Season 1 panoramas:

The shopping district:

Godfather's Base:

Win epic fin's base:

Win epic fin's industrial district:

Season 2:

The shopping district

The Derpmeister6's base:

Win epic fin's storage room:

ShainaCross's base:

changing the setting:

to  change the settings, simply tap the cog icon at the bottom after clicking the pack, and slide the slider to the setting you want, and then click the x and change the order of your active resources by clicking the arrow icon and then leaving settings, if you have no other packs downloaded, deactivate the pack before changing the settings,  then leave the settings menu, then go back, reactivate the pack and chose the setting you want, and then when you leave settings the background will be applied, a restart like a lot of packs will tell you to do is not required. 

If you wish to join the HRE realm, our discord is and maybe one day one of your builds one realm will make it into a future version of this pack 

Recognitions:  and were used while some of the panorama images were being taken



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