Published on November 10, 2019

Ice And Fire World

Welcome to the world of fire and ice where temperatures are combined and strange, the strange thing is that the dungeons come out of nowhere, do not miss this and much more on the magnificent map of ICE AND FIRE WORLD


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Please Fix the Link!
Make it 1.17.
What shader did you use?
I've read the instructions and nothing happens. I click on the recaptcha and it immediately takes you off to another page.
Awesome, Also the Anon that said "Hmm, Broken link." didn't read the instructions on downloading.
is this supposed to be like adventure time?
Can’t download it please make a download pleas
Oooh looks cool Keep it up its so cool
How id you even build this?
he used something called world paint, for java then converted it to bedrock 😀
Hmm, broken link.
Read the instructions